Favorites for Baby Four

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Dominic and I do very different things in our down time. Down time as in, when the kids are all finally sleeping and we have a little time on the couch with a non-cartoon on TV :)

He tends to multi-task with a show and a variety of iPhone games, and I, I prioritize and reprioritize all my favorites for baby four! I pin and make lists and check sales and read reviews. It’s fun for me. To prep and plan and dream.

So much has changed since Jemma was a baby. So. Very. Much. Only two things on this favorites list were even around! Others I tried with Max and some were brand new when Reid came along. Now, baby four will get a mix of long time favorites, some new ones, and some things I haven’t tried yet, but am anticipating I will love.

Here’s a peek at my favorites for baby four. Please comment with your favorites too! Like I said, I’m always growing my wish list and love hearing first hand experience from other mamas!

That Mama Gretchen's Baby Favorites

Lorena Canals Rugs — Ya’ll, one word, WASHABLE. Like, in your washing machine at home. That’s just plain brilliant for kid’s rooms. All the color is non-toxic dye and I really appreciate that the prints and patterns don’t scream “baby”. These rugs can be staples all throughout childhood!

Browse Lorena on Instagram for gorgeous styling ideas.

DockATot — I didn’t learn about DockATot until Reid had graduated to the Grand size. It’s a staple in our home now. Jemma is actually sleeping in it tonight next to my bed because she says it is “so comfy” and it’s an easy way to say yes to a sleepover without having extra people in my bed. I’m super excited to start this new little man out in the Deluxe size, prepare yourself for lots of cute Dock photos come Fall!

If DockATot is also on your wish list, shop here for $10 off your order. DockATot also has newly released compatible toy arches and toy sets so your baby lounger can also be a play space! I LOVE products that double up and meet a variety of equipment needs.

Binxy Baby Hammock — Have you seen this? I’m super excited to try it out! Frankly, shopping with all my kids sends my stress meter towards the sky and adding a 4th has me strategizing exactly how we’ll manage. I *think* baby will go in the Binxy, Reid will go on my back in a carrier, Max will go in the cart’s basket, and Jemma will walk since she is really good at staying close. I think that set up will work!

Snag a Binxy Baby for yourself at 10% off here.

The Ollie Swaddle — One, the Ollie Swaddle is beautiful! Two, it’s mega functional! The season of swaddling is such a sweet one, and I’m giddy over the idea of having a new little one bundled up snug. I’ve swaddled in the past, but not with the Ollie. I’ve heard rave reviews about this specific swaddle blanket and can’t wait to put it to use! I’ll be sure to share how it goes and what I love about it as soon as I have a newborn to wrap up :)

Shop here for 10% off all products at The Ollie World.

Finn + Emma Rompers — I’m a romper fiend. They’re 10x better than shirts and pants because they don’t pinch cute little baby tummies. And they’re more pulled together than pajamas. Although, I’m not against babies in pajamas 24/7! Seriously, give me all the one pieces. Finn + Emma has the most modern patterns, but perhaps more important, they’re 100% organic cotton and all the coloring comes from non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Thank you Finn + Emma for surrounding my babies with cute AND safe clothing!

Snag 15% off any $50 Finn + Emma purchase when you shop here.

Lily Jade Diaper Bags — The one and only diaper bag you need. It works perfect now and once your babies graduate from diapers because it doesn’t scream “diaper bag”. I can’t say enough good things about Lily Jade products, their customer service, and the entire community built around this brand.

Keep an eye on the Lily Jade Instagram for sale announcements!

Sakura Bloom Ring Slings — Ring slings are the one baby carrier I use from newborn to toddler. All others have their prime time, and I love them dearly, but it’s ring slings that have the most longevity in my mind. I just got a Theory sling for my new babe and Reid is already helping to break it in :) It’s a bamboo linen blend and oh so sturdy for my big boys!

Freshly Picked Moccasins — Talk about the best little shoes! Reid is in full FP mode these days and I honestly can’t wait for him and his little bro to have a matching pair! #brotherstyle

Don’t miss the giveaway I currently have going on with Freshly Picked (enter by May 31st!) and be sure to check out the semi-annual sale that launches tomorrow, May 23rd!

Diono Radian rXT Car Seat — Diono is everything … steel frame, what?!? And local to the Pacific Northwest, so, extra points! I love that you can rear face in a Diono from day 1 and still use the same seat years later as a forward facing 5 point harness. Yes, that means Jemma has been in a Diono for almost 7 years! We’ve weathered two accidents with Dionos as well and they’ll have my heart forever for keeping my kids safe. Literally, not a scratch and waaaaay shorter stints at the chiropractor than me. Maybe Dionos for moms should become a thing?

Chickadee Baby Co. Custom Heirlooms — The gals at Chickadee are currently working on a treasure for baby and a coordinating custom sheet for his mini crib! I cannot wait to see the final product! Their Instagram is full of swoon worthy creations … like this for baby girls. Oh. My. Goodness. Love!

Now, you spill! Have you tried some of my favorites? What do you love and swear by?

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  1. says

    First of all, you’re braver than me. My plan is to never ever ever buy groceries with my kids again. Out of food? Have another glass of water. Dad will be home soon and then I’ll go out. JK, but not.

    Also Moby is making woven ring slings now and I just got one for a really awesome deal a couple weeks ago! I really love it, and especially the color. I’m hooked on slings now <3

  2. Laura Railing says

    Sakura Bloom slings forever! I love mine!