Because Sometimes New Year Cards Are Better Than Christmas Cards

New Year Cards from Minted

As soon as I found out I’d be having a little one towards the end of 2015 … or, as it turned out, the very beginning of 2016, I knew I wanted to skip Christmas cards. Actually, every year I want to skip them because 1) It’s a lot of work to gather and update addresses 2) I can never decide on a photo 3) My holiday to do list is already mega long. But, every year, Dom says “no”, no skipping allowed. Although he has no part in the Christmas card process … oh the utter shame, he loves that I log our year, and so, I press on. Plus, if I’m being perfectly honest, I’d be sad if I didn’t pull them together too. I know I’ll treasure the heck out of my binder of annual cards when I’m 80. So, 80 year old Gretchen, you’re welcome. Your sleep-deprived 29 year old self stuck it out and whipped up Christmas, well, New Year cards for 2015 :)

With the conundrum of “When will Reid arrive?” I did decide to hold off on Christmas cards in favor of New Year cards. It just didn’t feel right snapping a family photo with me mega pregnant if Reid was going to arrive in late December and thus be the highlight of our year. I had also promised myself an easy December so if something didn’t have to be done, I wasn’t going to do it. With all that in mind I opted for a casual Instagram photo collage to represent our 2015.

I love that Minted designs allow you to customize so much. I was able to change all the text on the front and type our annual newsletter on the back of the card. Done and done! The paper and printing quality is impeccable too. Best of all, at Minted you can upload your address book and have the addresses printed directly on envelopes in a variety of fonts. Once our box arrived, all we had to do was stuff and stamp! And Jemma was pleased to help with both!

Thank you Minted for another year of gorgeous cards (you can see 2013 and somehow 2014 is missing, eek, but it was this design with these photos)! Reid’s birth announcements are next on my radar and of course, I’ll be ordering them from none other than you!

New Year cards c/o Minted … thank you, thank you, thank you!


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