Donuts, Daffodils, and Diaper Bags

There have been a few minor breaks in the weather lately. Two days to be exact: Tuesday and Thursday. And now, nonstop rain in the forecast once again. 

But two days is enough for us to plan some excitement. And so, Tuesday became field trip day! I kept it all a surprise because you never know when the weather will turn and I’m not about to haul 3 kids around in the pouring rain. But it didn’t and so, off we went!

First stop, donuts!


The kids have a penchant for donuts. And I like them too. So that works out pretty great. This place, Darren’s, had great reviews and although the location was a bit sketch, we sucked it up for maple bars and donut holes. Just half though, because those bars were giants!

Then, daffodils! 


daffodil la conner

We’re about 30 minutes from La Conner, Washington, the daffodil capitol of … well, I’m making that up, I don’t know if they’re the official capitol of daffodils, but they sure could be! Field after field of beautiful blooms. And they don’t stop at daffodils, by April tulips will be blooming too! 

We meandered through the field for a bit, thankful we wore boots because earlier rains left quite a bit of mud. The kids squinted for a photo (guess I need to pack along sunglasses to avoid closed eye pictures!) and Jemma informed me that she is going to buy “a really fancy camera when I turn 13 because I just love taking pictures of beautiful things!”

daffodil kids

Jem the daffodil photographer

And she does love taking photos! She asked for my camera saying, “You have to be in some pictures too Mom, now smile big!” 

 mom and the boys

Which turned out perfect, because, she captured this gem of diaper bag from Lassig. It was the perfect tote for our donut and daffodil day thanks to all the pockets and zippered closure (two of my diaper bag musts). It’s also made from plastic bottles so it felt right being out in nature with such a “green” bag. See the full bag tour via video here.

diaper bag


Here’s the real scoop though. It’s little things like donuts, nice weather, pretty flowers, and a functioning diaper bag that give me hope for juggling four kids down the road. I remember this feeling after Max was born. When I finally got a handle of two kids. That took a long time. Then after Reid too. That was a littler easier, I think because the big kids were 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. By then Jemma and Max listened well enough to follow along and I could wear Reid. Four though? I’ll admit, is going to be a new ball game. Of a sport I’ve never played. I have to bank on Jemma and Max being on my team. And Reid? I’m just praying he’s not a runner like his big bro was. I can easily wear one and cross our bag over my shoulder. And if the location allows, I guess I can wear one, take the stroller for the other, and keep trusting Jem and Max to walk close. We’ll see. Obviously, four has me thinking. Strategizing. And maybe staying home more days than not! 

Do you have four kids? How do you get out and about with them all? Like seriously, getting in and out of four carseats will be an adventure in and of itself! Do you eat a donut for each of them for energy? Take along four helpers? I’ll take all your tips!

Reid, 14 months

Thank you to Lassig for sending us the wonderful Green Label Allover Fleur Neckline Diaper Bag in Choco Melange. You covered all the essentials for busy moms with your impeccable design!

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  1. Bri says

    Hi! Just read your lassig bag post. Where is your beautiful blue baby carrier from?

    Thank you!