All Our Favorite Beauty and the Beast Treasures

Jem and I are over the moon, or should I say, “totally enchanted” about the upcoming, real-life Beauty and the Beast movie! The previews keep getting better and better and she and I are both anxious to hear the sounds and see the sights of this new film!

Today our Belle love came a little more alive when we spent our weekly craft time assembling a gift from Seedling — the Enchanted Flower Rose Crown! Jem cannot wait to model her crown once it dries (she went a wee bit heavy on the glitter glue!) and then wear it to the movie premiere! You can catch a peek of our craft adventures on IG stories today!

This isn’t the first Beauty and the Beast activity we’ve fallen in love with though. Ever since Jemma learned to read she’s been a bit more connected to Belle, saying, “Belle and I are practically twins — we both love books!”  So, in honor of all things Beauty and the Beast here are a few of our other favorite treasures! I bet your kids will love them too as we all countdown the days to the new movie later this month!

The Best of Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s Enchanted Castle LEGO Set — And it’s 20%! Scoop it up now, you know your littles will want to build while they sing along to the new soundtrack!

Song and Story — Go classic and set your kids up for some audio fun with the Beauty and the Beast sing along and story. Jemma has a few of these and loves them!

Belle’s Celebration Dress — Jem saw this at the Disney store and went all sorts of crazy. I’ll be watching for it on the clearance rack because holy dollars! 

Design Your Own Enchanted Flower Rose Crown — Seedling has tons of gorgeous spin off crafts from all our favorite Disney films. This crown and the flower press project in honor of Beauty and the Beast don’t disappoint!

Girls’ Rose Dress — Target is on point with their pre-movie clothing line launch! Jem’s Mimi bought her this rose dress and I’m debating this provincial number and coordinating hat too!

Fearless Beauty Rose Dress — Oh Gap, you’ve done well! Jemma picked this dress from their Beauty and the Beast line over President’s Day when you could choose any item for 40% off. Keep an eye on that sneaky Gap and I bet you will score yourself a deal too, they seem to always have promo codes available online.

Belle’s Library — A collection of quotes and inspirations that I just may work into our Spring homeschool line up.

Little Animators’ Collection Play Set — Jem has this Belle set and I know she’d think this micro set is just as darling!

Jemma and I received a gift from Seedling in honor of Beauty and the Beast’s upcoming debut! Are you counting down the days to March 17th with us?!?

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