Sharing Happiness — A Taste Nirvana Coconut Water Giveaway!

It is every blogger’s dream to fall in love with a product and then have that company reach out to form an official partnership. Seriously, I’m still so honored that Taste Nirvana, the brains and beauty behind my absolute favorite coconut water, contacted me! Dream. Come. True. Like, the kind of dream where you smile big, laugh, and wake up feeling on top of the world. Pretty much, this …

coconut water 2

The joy is real folks.

In case this all sound brand new to you, back track with me a bit … remember this post? The one where I coerced my family into an unsponsored coconut water taste test? The winner was Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water/Pulp and since taste test day I’ve been sipping this treat more often than coffee. And that says ALOT, because I love coffee. 

Here’s the thing though, coffee leaves me feeling heavy and bitter. Coffee, even decaf, gives me a boost, but a very artificial feeling one. Coconut water on the other hand is cold, refreshing, and energizing. It puts a hop in my step and is cheaper than even my basic americano. It’s not packed with sugar, in fact, the only ingredient is not from concentrate coconut water, and calories are low. Coconut water is such a healthy alternative to my coffee fix. And afterwards? I feel great! Hydrated and happy. Almost like I just returned from a tropical vacation. Almost.

taste nirvana

So, the point to all of this is … my love for Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water hasn’t waned. Not one bit. Plus also, through my partnership with Taste Nirvana I’ve been welcomed into the world of many other Taste Nirvana products — most recently Coconut Water (no pulp) and Coco Aloe. Both are top notch and I just love sipping natural electrolytes in the eco-friendly glass bottles. Good for me, good for the earth, boom boom.  

If I had to pick just one favorite I think I’d still opt for pulp, getting those fresh bits of coconut meat is delicious. But, if coconut floaties in your drink isn’t up your alley you can get it without pulp or mix it up with the Aloe Vera blend. So many choices, so little time! Check out the store locator to see where you can pick up some Taste Nirvana Coconut Water and join my awesome club of coconut water obsession :) Can’t wait to hear your top pick! 

coconut water

happiness inside

Now, the greatest news of all to close out your week — Taste Nirvana and I are giving away a whole case of coconut water over on Instagram! Hop over to my account and follow the steps to enter. This is the photo you’re looking for:

taste nirvana coconut water

A huge thank you to Taste Nirvana for sending coconut water my way and sharing happiness with you all through a giveaway!


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