Style File — Winter Grey

I don’t get seasonally depressed, I more get seasonally annoyed.

My van filling up with coats and hats day after day, preschool drop off in the rain, wet carts at Target.  Really, in the grand scheme of things, no big deal, but still, definitely annoying.

The kids and I end up doing a lot of dashing to and fro and talking about weather appropriate clothing choices during the winter. It’s lovely. And yes, Max, if you’re reading or just wondering once again, you do have to wear a coat … BECAUSE IT’S WINTER!

Earlier this week, while Max was at preschool (with his coat), Jemma helped me take photos to share a few of my favorite winter staples. After every click she’d say something like, “This one turned out great!” and “For sure use this one on your blog!” My favorite though was, “I think I take better pictures than a grown up because I’m already lower and don’t have to – ya know – squish down to get the right angle.”

Yes, my girl, I dare say you take pictures better than some grown ups!








So, here’s the deal. I’ve still got some baby weight hangin’ on and snow-like freezing temperatures have been around for over a month. When I leave the house (which isn’t often because I’ve been home packing for our move like crazy lately) I tend to just throw on the basics. The comfies. And these are them. All love, all the time, because they’re all so amazingly functional. What are your winter favorites?

Down coat >>> from the one and only Costco. It’s not online but probably at your local warehouse still. Last I saw, it was $10 off too so $40 for a super warm, just the right length winter layer. It packs up super tiny and that’s what initially drew me to it because I needed something warm for Disneyland. It will definitely be coming to Chicago when we jet there next month to visit family too. A keeper for sure!

The Rosie >>> c/o Lily Jade! If you’ve been curious, yes, the grey is everything. Perfect, supple, easy to clean, and the pockets on this particular Lily Jade are on point. That’s what drew me to it, that big outer pocket. I’m a serial key misplacer and ever since I switched to the Rosie I haven’t lost them once! I keep my keys, phone, and daily to do list in that large pocket and I’m ready to go. Plus! The new Rosie can be worn as a backpack and has gorgeous jade interior. Lily Jade just keeps getting better and better.

Leggings >>> they’re Lularoe, need I say more? I got them from this gal and she’s always doing great sales and giveaways. Definitely add her to your LLR crew.

Nike Flyknit Free >>> mine are from the outlet, yours could be from Amazon :) They’re my go to closed toe shoes this winter. Not waterproof, but man, I can sure jump around puddles like pro in them!

Pink Champagne lips >>> c/o Shine Bright Lips (you gotta watch Chrissy’s video)! I’m a brand new LipSense lover and can’t wait to get a few more pretty colors! Maybe something for Easter? Do you have any LipSense, what colors do you adore?

Do As Dreamers Do bangle >>> c/o Lillian & Co. My heart beats Disney, so even when we’re not there or planning a trip, I love wearing a token of our amazing adventures! Lillian & Co. has chic and subtle nods to many Disney thoughts and they pair perfectly with Alex & Ani’s Disney line.

Vogue Aviators >>> Sunglass Hut. Long story short, the aviators I’ve been wearing for the last two years never really fit my face. They perched on and slipped down constantly. It was really frustrating. I kept going back to Nordstrom to get them tightened and adjusted and finally, the finally asked if I could return them. They said yes, just like that. I love Nordstrom. I found these new aviators in Downtown Disney for 50% off and they have a much slimmer fit and thus don’t fall off! Yay!

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