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Forgive the quintessential pumpkin photo. But, for real, it’s October and aren’t they just glorious?

We marched our way to the patch this afternoon with some friends. Max’s preschool field trip was canceled last week due to the Great Pacific Northwest Storm of 2016 (that didn’t actually happen) and it just doesn’t feel like Fall without a pumpkin patch trip … so, we went despite the rain and mud. Max adored the pumpkin eating cows and Jemma turns into a total country girl when she puts on her boots. I … manage. It takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to adventure out with three kids but I’m so glad we didn’t miss those pretty little pumpkins! 

And now it’s quiet and cozy. The dishwasher is running, I’m listening to a new podcast, and my diffuser is pumpin’ OnGuard. All is well and my to do list says Thursday will be busy. But, before I start prioritize all those tasks I’ve got some favorites to share with ya’ll … 

Fall adventures sponsored by these classics.

Oh this little house!

Definitely wanting to cook with lentils this Fall.

Max dumped an entire cup of water in his bed, soooooo fixing that for next time.

Let’s KonMari Christmas.

Love this growth chart!

Does your baby like this?

This Emergen-C flavor + orange juice = the perfect “I’m kinda feeling sick” cocktail

My main question, how do you get photos at Disneyland with no people in them?!?

Brownie cookies? Get in my mouth!

Gotta make time for this.

Forgiving tops for the win.

Such a lovely podcast.

My homeschooling bestie says these are the best.

In deep with this book, so good, all 3 have been!

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  1. Marie Cole says

    Sounds like you guys had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch.