Mexi Chicken Rice Bowls

For the better part of our marriage, Dominic has raved about this recipe. It’s kind of a wonder I’ve never shared it. Maybe because it’s so simple. But, simple and delicious is where I’m at these days when it comes to meal planning so here it is. I hope your family will be a fan of these easy peasy Mexi Chicken Rice Bowls too!


Mexi Chicken Rice Bowls are good the first go around, but, they’re even better as leftovers. Something about all those spices and flavors melding together. No doubt this dinner is a win for heating and eating.

Before I share the simple steps to whip of this dinner I want to highlight my newfound leftover love — Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers. These containers are a great alternative to plastic because they’re made with plant fibers and perfect for the microwave. Since they’re disposable there is no need to clean and thanks to the low price point (plus this rad coupon!) you won’t have any issue tossing these containers after they’re used.

I haven’t gone into detail about Dominic’s new job or the crazy schedule it has brought into our life but he’s not often home in time for dinner and he needs meals on the go often. More on that in another post because it’s kind of the big news in our family right now! I was introduced to Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers at the perfect time because they’ve been a lifesaver when packing meals for him. They’re the perfect size and I don’t have to remind him to switch his food out of a plastic container and onto a paper plate before microwaving. With Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers he can just pop off the lid, microwave, and eat while thinking of his sweet wife who slaved over the kitchen stove cooking his nourishing and fabulous meals :)

Now, the recipe for Mexi Chicken Rice Bowls!



  • 1 can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 can Rotel
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon granulated garlic
  • Dash or tow of sea salt
  • 8 chicken tenders
  • 8 oz cream cheese, plain or the garden variety
  • 2 cans refried beans, or make your own!
  • Rice, your choice … we used brown rice this time, but used the cilantro rice blend before too and it’s perfect for this dish
  • Optional: shredded cheese and lime wedges


Start by prepping your rice according to its’ package instructions.

In a large cast iron, bring crushed tomatoes and Rotel to a gentle boil. Add spices and stir. Reduce heat and add chicken tenders. I opt for chicken tenders because they’re smaller/thinner and thus, cook faster. You can also use chicken breasts, just plan to increase your cooking time. Cover and simmer for 8-10 minutes, flipping the tenders halfway in between.

While your chicken cooks, prep your beans. Homemade ones need to cook overnight, canned just need to be warmed up.

Check the largest chicken piece for doneness and turn off the heat if it’s completely cooked through. Add cream cheese and stir into the tomato chicken mixture until fully melted. Shred chicken with two forks and “ta da” … you’re ready to layer everything into a bowl of goodness.

Start with a scoop or two of rice, add a scoop of beans, and then add a hearty portion of the tomato chicken mixture. Top with shredded cheese and a lime wedge. Enjoy a bowl now and pack one up for later in a Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat container!


Reynolds™ Disposable Heat & Eat containers are available at your local Walmart. They’re right by the Reynolds Wrap on the food storage aisle. And, most important, don’t forget your coupon!



Helpful reminders for moms like me who need reminders for everything :)

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  1. Lynne says

    Mexican cuisine is not one of my favorites – but the rest of my family loves it – so this recipe will be great for them!

  2. Marie Cole says

    This looks so good! My husband has never really been a fan of rice (it was never cooked properly growing up) so I’m always looking for yummy rice recipes to try to change his mind. I really think he’ll like this one since he’s a big fan of Mexican food.

  3. janie vezina says

    looks very good. my family would love this.

  4. says

    Yum, this looks great!

  5. Joanna says

    This looks yummy! Must try!

  6. Caroline Duggan says

    YUM! Can’t wait to try this. Hopefully the family will love it