Hiking Adventures and a FREE Nature Journal Printable

We’re wrapping up our 4th week of homeschooling and I’m stopping in to confess that homeschooling is hard. Harder than I thought it would be.

If you’ve been homeschooling for any amount of time you’re probably chuckling at me and my earlier exuberance. You knew this was coming. You knew it was hard. But, if you know homeschooling is hard, you also know that it’s really great. All good things are double edged swords like that … right?

This month homeschooling has been full of learning lightbulbs, relationship building, and excitement over newfound subjects. Jemma is rocking poetry and manners at co-op. She loves reading. Like, really really loves it. And, after switching math programs she has been asking to do “just a little extra math” each day. Being her teacher mom is everything. 

Since my littles are young I’ve tried my hardest to make our learning interactive. Experiential learning is the best, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve had weekly field trips and most have been outdoors since the weather is holding here in the Northwest. One hike we went on with friends was so wonderful we agreed to meet up again the following week!  


On our hike we saw a gorgeous owl and many bugs, learned about the history of the area (I love when nature places have info posted!), watched for herons, and paused for snacks and giggles. The kids loved munching on Goldfish and I love that they’re baked with 100% real cheese and that their color is sourced from plants. Snack win! Nature win! Homeschool win! The trifecta!

There was no bookwork. No quizzes. There were lots of questions and lots of fact-sharing between the kids. Some of which were quite hilarious! And fun. So much fun. Being outside, exploring, and learning together makes up for the hard days. And it makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. Because really, I don’t and an occasional confidence boost is totally up my alley. When we’re out and my kids are smiling and running and laughing the freedom that homeschooling gives us makes all the harder moments worth it. We earned these smiles, this sunshine, these amazing moments in the woods.







I hope this year is just the start of our outdoor adventures. With 3 kids it has taken me awhile to rouse up the energy and bravery to trek out with the kids. But we’re managing! I’m managing! Honestly, I dream of packing up our bookwork, hiking somewhere, and completing our assignments at a lookout or on a trail. That will be the perfect mix! Homeschool goals! Someday. When I don’t have to worry about the boys launching off a cliff! For now, home days plowing through assignments alternating with smile worthy moments out and about are helping us all make the best of this year. 

And, since I am a homeschool mom, I can’t help but coordinate a smidge of official learning around our hikes. Take a peek at the nature journal Jemma has been filling out based on our outings and print one for your kid’s next adventure!

Goldfish hosts fantastic contests around monthly themes that are all about creating smile worthy moments. Entering is simple … just a quick social media post with a hashtag and you would win some awesome prizes. Get all the details here!



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  1. Marie Cole says

    I personally don’t home school but I love this style of interactive learning. Even though my kids go to public school my husband and I still try to do as many interactive leaning family adventures as we can. I’m so glad you and your family had such a great hike.

  2. Amanda Smith says

    Thanks for sharing your homeschooling journey. I am not brave enough to take on that task, or organized enough.