Part One — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

You know what sucks? 

Prepping for surgery. For your child.

I mean, I assumed that with kids I might have to weather a surgery or two for various mishaps over the years. I pray I won’t, but let’s face it, having 3 kids kinda sorta prompts the reality of ER potential for at least one of them. 

Anyways, my point … Reid’s surgery is scheduled. Actually, come to find out, he’ll be having 2 surgeries and they’re both on the calendar. One with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon for his double thumb (polydactyly reconstruction) and one with a pediatric urologist for a pesky testicle that decided not to descend on its own. Our Fall and Winter will be peppered with surgeries, recovery and follow-ups. My poor baby. My poor mama heart.

I’m so thankful for amazing doctors, great medical facilities somewhat close to home, supportive family, and otherwise, healthy children. But still, the anticipation is a constant cloud of worry.

We had hoped Reid’s 2 surgeries could be done at the same time to minimize the greatest risk – anesthesia. But, during his consult appointments we learned that bone surgery is a sterile procedure and thus abdominal surgery shouldn’t be done at the same time. Since neither surgeries are emergencies they want us to space out his anesthesia a good 3-4 months so his first surgery will be in September and his second in December. All before he turns one. All before he can remember any of it.

That’s the part that brings me peace. It’s hard for me now, but he isn’t anticipating surgery one bit. He isn’t worried and he will have no memories of anything down the road. They say he’ll bounce back without an issue and be a walking, talking toddler before we know it. 

But stil, uh. Surgery. I just hate it. I hate the process, the risks, the cost, the pain management, the wondering if we’re doing the right thing. It’s just scary. No way around it.

We’ve been through the thumb surgery before with Max so some of that feels familiar. This time we’re seeing a different surgeon, Dr. Hanel out of Seattle Children’s Hospital. He came highly recommended and after meeting with him I’m so happy that he’ll be the one caring for my boy. 

Reid at Childrens


Reid’s thumb structure is different than Max’s. Max had a definite smaller thumb, the outside one, where as Reid’s are very evenly split. Dr. Hanel will most likely keep Reid’s inner thumb just because that’s usually a simpler surgery and move whatever ligaments needed to give him the best function. He’ll decide for sure when he gets in there and determines ligament structure since the x-ray from his consult only shows his bone structure. The surgery will be about an hour and a half long and Reid will be a cast for 3 weeks or so. 

reid's X-ray

Dominic and I will be able to accompany Reid all the way back to anesthesia. We’ll be with him as he falls asleep and then they’ll bring us back before he wakes up so our voices will be the first he hears after surgery. They didn’t allow that at the hospital Max’s surgery was at so I guess you could say I’m “excited” for that. Coming out of anesthesia was definitely the worst thing for Max, so I’m happy I’ll be there for Reid before he wakes. Hopefully we can snuggle and nurse right away and alleviate any fear he has immediately after surgery. 

As September 1st approaches, we covet your prayers. 

I’ll probably Instagram some the day of his surgery and follow up with a post about how it all went once he’s enjoying life with a cast :)

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  1. Carey says

    Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that he has to have two surgeries, those are never easy on a mama’s heart! I can’t relate to the thumb surgery, but one of my boys did have to have an orchiopexy. I’ll be thinking of and praying for your family.

  2. says

    Oh that stinky testicle! My nephew just had that surgery on Monday. He’s doing well and was zipping around the day after. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, but the positives you pointed out do sound comforting. We will be praying!

  3. Meghan says

    Thinking of you guys! They didn’t let us back with Brayden. I feel like that will be comforting. Praying for a speedy recovery and a peaceful mama heart

  4. says

    Gosh I’m just so emotional still, crying for you =[ Just said a little prayer for all of you, and definitely will as often as I remember. You are one tough mama!

  5. janie vezina says

    hoping the surgery went well and quick recovery.