3 Fun + Fabulous Ways To Stay Hydrated

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When I’m hydrated I feel 100% better. Water is my magic. My secret ingredient. My liquid happiness.

If I feel grumpy, tired, or just restless, the first question I always ask myself is “Am I dehydrated?” Fixing that tends to fix lots of issues for me. And for the kids too. I mean, after all, our bodies are roughly 60% water so consuming water is pretty important.

In my family we have 2 solid water drinkers and 2 others who definitely need coaxing to hit even a minimum goal when it comes to water consumption *cough, cough* Jemma and Dominic. So, this summer, I’ve made it my mission to make hydration fun and fabulous for us all!

3 Fun and Fabulous Ways To Stay Hydrated

Try Out “Fancy” Water

Jem is all about fancy water. That’s sparkling water for those who don’t speak 5 year old :) Her latest favorite is Skinnygirl Sparklers. I love them too! Such a yummy and fizzy way to drink up and stay hydrated. Best of all, they’re gluten free and Jem is all about adding GF foods and beverages to her repertoire of favorites. Sign us up for more Peach Passionfruit please!

Trick Yourself Into Drinking More

On my good hydration days I aim to drink a glass of water first thing when I wake up. I’ve also learned that I drink a lot more when I drink through a straw, so I always keep those around too. Water accompanies every meal – a fill up before, during, and after if I can. And the best trick? Plain old competition. Nothing gets my family guzzling like a “who’s gonna win” goal. Encouraging us all to drink our body weight in ounces each day keeps everyone on their A+ hydration game.

Boost Your Water With Flavor

Water enhancers are a simple way to mix up things up. Skinnygirl offers a low calorie option in 4 different flavors Pineapple Coconut, White Cherry, Tangerine Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry Acai. Dominic LOVES these and I pack one in his lunch so he can boost a water bottle each day as a treat while at work.

skinnygirl water enhancer

Skinnygirl is all about providing healthy, but delicious treats in reasonable portions. Pretty much, when you Skinnygirl (yes, I used that like a verb) there is little to no guilt! We’ve had such a blast trying out all the Skinnygirl products and next time you’re at the store, definitely pick one up that sounds good to you! We can vouch for them all and can’t wait to see what Skinnygirl comes up with next!


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  1. Molly says

    Some days are hard to remember to drink enough. I try to chug glasses of water when I remember