Aunt Hannah Meets Reid

If you recall, I was due with Reid on December 28th. My sister, Hannah, and her husband flew in on December 21st; the plan was for them to be with us for Christmas and hopefully Reid’s birth. Their flight left at 9am on New Year’s Day and when they left home for the airport I had just gone in to labor. WHAT?!? I know, I know. I just couldn’t force myself in to labor earlier and apparently my body was waiting for the house to clear out from Christmas festivities. Reid was born at 4:21pm on New Year’s Day, a few hours after they had landed back in Austin. When they knew I was in labor they tried to change their flight and stay for another day or two, but with it being the holidays it just wasn’t possible. And so, poor Hannah had to meet Reid via FaceTime and get to know him over the last 11 weeks through text photos and little videos.

But, last week that all changed. Aunt Hannah met Reid in person! And, of course, they were both smitten with each other from the get go!


Hannah is in a super intense and science-y post-bach program in Texas, but thankfully, she had a Spring Break! Although I know she is a great student and lab girl in her normal life, her true calling is obviously being an aunt. I mean, just look at her! She is a natural with little ones!

We didn’t get to adventure out much because I’ve been down with an awful cold, but after a long nap one day the sun broke and we just had to do something outside. To a waterfront park we went and I practiced my photography while Hannah and Reid modeled our new Lillebaby carrier!

When it comes to soft structure buckle carriers I absolutely adore the Lillebaby. Especially for Reid’s current size. At just shy of 3 months he is 17 pounds and has decent head control, but the panel height and base width of many other carriers don’t work for him without a newborn insert, and to me, that’s a cumbersome addition. Lillebaby is a 6-in-1 carrier and the infant face-in position works perfect for babies of Reid’s size. Other perks of the Lillebaby COMPLETE All Seasons are the lumbar support, so super extremely comfy — did I emphasize the comfort of that enough?, and the temperature-control panel. The darling pattern can’t go without mentioning too, Birds of a Feather is such a fun pattern while still being a great neutral. Love it!






Hannah was only with us for 4 days, so we savored every little minute and tried to guilt her into staying longer. Life just doesn’t feel complete without her close by! She graduates in August and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Reid and I will be able to venture to her for a getaway to celebrate the end of her program. Until then, she better buy a phone with more memory – the daily deluge of Reid snapshots aren’t going to stop any time soon!


Amazing COMPLETE All Seasons carrier c/o Lillebaby. Best of all, stay tuned for a giveaway with Lillebaby in the coming weeks :)

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