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Spring is on its way. Can you feel it? 

It’s still raining often in the Pacific Northwest, and when the nice weather comes, I miss it desperately. I’m a rain loving girl through and through. The pitter patter brings calm; the rhythm, peace. But these biting cold days are drawing to an end and that’s something to happily anticipate. There is a reason there are four seasons. That’s for sure. When the sunshine and warmth returns, Max can’t wait to visit the squirting fountain downtown and Jemma is aching to get into her sleeveless dresses. I keep promising that warmer weather is around the corner, but I’m not quite sure they believe me. 

While we bask in these final dreary days of Winter, cozy up with something warm and enjoy what I shared over at this month! And, if you have recommendations for upcoming posts – here, there, or otherwise – feel free to comment. I’m in total postpartum/baby mode but need to stretch myself beyond that and focus on life with a preschooler and almost kindergartener too. I’m always open to fresh ideas and new topics! Tell me, what do you want to read?

What I Wish I’d Known Before My Baby Was Born

Is it just me or are these reflection lists really interesting to read? I love browsing other’s so hopefully mine will catch your interest too. Truly though, I feel so scatterbrained most days that if I don’t jot these thoughts down for my sisters I fear I’ll look at them with a blank stare someday and say “I don’t know … I just really don’t remember”!

If Colic Doesn’t Kill You, It Makes You Stronger

When the “C” word comes up everyone gives you major sympathy. And it’s nice to know you’re not alone when you’re crying alongside your hysterical infant. All that to say, I think we’ve found our solution — even though everything I’ve read says there is no solution when it comes to colic. CHIROPRACTIC. I’ve been taking Reid 2-3 times a week and we’ve virtually eliminated his out of control crying! Hallelujah!

How I Love My Postpartum Body

Oh look! There’s my postpartum belly forever and always memorialized on the internet! It’s true though, I do love my postpartum body. Of course, there are things I’d like to change too, I’m only human. But, as I approach 30 I hold a true awe and appreciation for what this bag o’ bones has done.

7 Things I Refuse To Feel Guilty About This Week

You know guilt has been pestering you when you write a whole post about the things you’re trying to let go of! I can imagine that I’ll have a fresh 7+ things ready to share next month … and the next, and the next. #forrealz #momlife

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    I’m of course in baby/postpartum info mode too right now… one thing I’d love to see is some of the things you recommend for keeping older kids entertained and happy when you’re busy with the newborn, involving them, dealing with any possible jealousy/resentment of the new baby and the time it takes, etc. Buuuuut of course that’s still kind of along the same vein so no hard feelings if you don’t go that route at all. =]