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Christmas shopping catalogs have been arriving left and right and the other week I let the kids create a cut and glue Christmas wish list as a simple craft. It was pretty fun seeing what they chose and hearing their reasoning. The stuff that catches kids eyes, I tell ya! Jemma had some odd choices glued to her paper and when I inquired she said, “Well, because I know Max would like them and we could play together”. Um … someone is on the good list if you ask me! 

And now, here’s a round up of gifts from their wish list, things they already love that I bet your kids would love too, and extras I know would get a lot of use in the years to come! I organized them into want/need/wear/read (because that’s totally genius!) and added “do” because we’re all huge fans of activity and experience gifts around here!



What will be coming down the chimney this year? Probably something from the want list! In addition to these favorites, Jemma and Max also had quite a few PJ Masks items on their lists. Man, those new shows really know how to market their characters! 

  • Yoee Baby Feather Toy — Reid doesn’t need anything. I suppose that’s the problem of being the third child! But, I know he’ll LOVE this toy from Yoee Baby and if I can spend a few dollars and get an epic smile, I totally will :)
  • Nursing Nina Cat — Does it surprise you that I think this is the cutest? I think all the kids would love to welcome this sweet mama cat into our family.
  • Design Your Own Marble Maze — You know those toys that really make your kids think? The ones that merge learning and fun? This DIY Maze from Seedling is just that! I can’t wait to dive into it with Jemma and Max, I think we’ll all love it! Plus, from 11/25 – 11/28, Seedling will be offering site-wide savings up to 65% off and free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Calico Critters — For years Jemma has loved her Calico Critters house. This year, although she doesn’t know yet, the Ballet Theater will be added to her Calico Critter land via Mr. Claus. If you’re new to Calico Critters and looking for the perfect critter family, totally go with this one … babywearing cuteness!
  • My First RC Car — Dominic is convinced that Max is ready for an RC car and I finally found one that looks right up his alley! And, it’s age appropriate for a 4 year old. And, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. #score
  • Ticket To Ride First Journey — This is hands down my favorite board game so I’m THRILLED that it’s now available in a kid version!
  • EnchanTails Slumber Bag Set — Who has a little girl that would swoon big time over a mermaid sleeping bag? Plus, it comes with a carry tote and chapter book. That means many hours of snuggles and reading ahead!
  • PlasmaCar — Word on the street is that the PlasmaCar is great for a huge age range of kids, I love that! And, depending on your home’s floor plan I think it could make both indoor and outdoor fun!
  • Ella & Ezzi Memory Game — Hands down the highest quality memory game out there! And it’s most likely available in your kid’s favorite characters!


The word “need” probably shouldn’t be in any phrasing around Christmas for our family. We don’t need anything. But, these items definitely fall into helpful, convenient, and possibly necessary.

  • DockATot — I’m always amazed at the brilliant things coming out for littles ones. The DockATot is one such item. I so wish it would have been around when Jemma and Max were little. But, alas, Reid, as baby #3, is finally getting something special all to himself! He’s enjoying the Grand (for 9-36 months) and so am I! If we have another someday I’ll for sure be getting the Deluxe (for 0-8 months).
  • One on One Photos — Who loves free gifts? Well, I’m proposing that you plan a time to take one on one photos with your kids. No sibling or family shots allowed, just mom and each child and dad and each child; something special for them to feel unique, loved, and cherished.
  • Diffuser — An essential oil diffuser is, well, an essential in my kid’s rooms! I’ve tried so many different types over the years and the only two I’d recommend are the Jasmine by Stadler Form (available in lots of colors) and the Petal by doTERRA.
  • Socks — I’m so over lost socks in random colors. All my kids are getting a fresh round of socks in their stockings!
  • Fold ‘n Goal Soccer Goal — We need to up our sports game around here. Kiddos get cabin fever like crazy in the winter and if I can coax them outside for some fun, I’m all for it! This soccer goal would be perfect for a friendly game of backyard soccer.


My big kids are becoming opinionated about their clothing choices which makes mornings interesting. But, I’m aiming to influence them as positively as I can with comfortable, cute options that will hold up long enough to be hand me downs for siblings and future cousins!

  • Freshly Picked Moccasins — I’ve learned a thing or two as a mom, one of which is … less is more. I no longer buy a variety of shoes for my crawlers and early walkers, nope, I buy one, maybe two pairs of moccasins in each size. That’s it. When you find something you love, embrace it! Reid currently has the fabulous Salt Flats and Classic Ebony as his size 4 winter collection.
  • Lularoe Leggings — Jemma cannot get over how soft Lularoe pieces are. She is obsessed with her legging collection. They’re the only ones she grabs from her drawer! 
  • Hunter Rain Boots — Yes, more shoes. But this time, rain boots! My kids love their boots because they can put them on themselves. And who doesn’t like being independent. Over the years I’ve opted for gender neutral colors so the kids can easily hand them down to their siblings. I know, I know, such a practical mother :)
  • Pajamas — For many Christmas pajamas are a fun tradition and I love it too but I find it kind of silly to have pajamas that you can only wear one month of the year. I mean, you CAN wear them longer, but it just seems silly! So, instead of reindeers and red/green stripes, I usually keep my eye out for winter themed pajamas. Snowpolar bears, and hot cocoa are a few of my favorite winter pajamas themes this year.


Now that Jemma is a reader, books have a whole new life around here! Every day she reads to her brothers and it’s beyond adorable to see all three of them snuggled up enjoying books together.

  • Shine-a-Light Books — I’ve fallen deep into the Usborne world (not a consultant, just a shopper!) and have yet to find a book from them that we don’t adore. The Shine-A-Light series is super fun and interactive. Get your flashlights and snuggle in for some happy reading and discovery!
  • The Jesus Storybook — This book is an every day reader around here. It’s so much more than a children’s Bible, it a beautiful story that puts a reflective spin on stories we’ve heard for years. Since we already have and love the book, I’m planning to get it on audio soon too and then this complimentary devotional, Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing.
  • Put Me In the Story— Years ago I had one book with a character named “Gretchen”, my mom had special ordered it for me and it was oh-so-special! Personalized books are such a fantastic holiday gift and Put Me In the Story has such a great selection for babies on up through elementary school aged kids. I’m loving this classic Cinderella for Jem, this Star Wars adventure for Max, and this interactive More Bears! book for Reid.
  • Poems — After reading Janssen’s post about memorizing poetry I’ve wanted to weave poetry into our homeschool lessons. This book of poems and this classic would be a wonderful starting point!
  • Under Water Under Earth — Seriously the coolest book! I ordered this for our homeschool resource collection and let me tell you, it takes a lot to make it to that level around here. It’s big and full of awesome facts, I foresee us using it for many years to come.


My favorite category of all! Create a festive coupon and gift your children with a fun experience this year!

  • Movie Tickets — My kiddos love going to the movies and there are so many good ones coming out! We’re hoping to see Trolls, Moana, and Sing soon!
  • Trampoline Park — These are springing up everywhere! We have one in town and the kids LOVE going for an hour bounce session. And, I love the long naps that follow :)
  • Children’s Museum — Do kids ever get tired of visiting the children’s museum? I don’t think so!
  • Dinner Date — Dominic and I try to take our big kids out on dinner dates every once in awhile. It’s a good time to connect one on one and hear about life from their perspective without interruption. This is a great gift idea for grandparents and aunts/uncles too … kids feel so special when they get to spend time with those they love!
  • Theater Shows and Musicals — Both Jemma and Max love attending plays. We’ve been blessed to attend “pay what you can” nights and have enjoyed local high school theater productions too. Such a fun, and often educational, activity for preschool ages and up. 

What falls on your want, need, where, read, and do gift list for kids this year? I’d love to hear about things your little ones already love and what you’re considering for this Christmas too!

Some gift guide ideas were sponsored and affiliate links were included where appropriate. As always, I wouldn’t share if I couldn’t fully recommend!

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