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Today’s fabulous mama fashion is sponsored by Pink Blush. The perfect place to shop whether you’re expecting or just on the prowl for summer pretties!

Happy last day of May!

Once June arrives it’s crazy town here, because I say hello to my third trimester! And that’s kind of surreal, because the third trimester leads to birth and birth leads to postpartum and let’s face it, before I know it, it will be Christmas and hopefully I’ll have a mini handle on life with four kids. #prayforthat

For the present though, I’m focusing on surviving the summer heat. It’s coming in little spurts here in the Northwest and if the forecasters are telling the truth, the heat wave is coming. And we don’t have AC. Which, yes, is practically a crime in my little bump growing world.

Dominic did buy me a portable unit for our room so at least I’ll sleep cool, but other than that you best believe I’ll be one hot mama all summer long! 


As in my temperature, you silly! I run so warm pregnant and even though this is my third, third trimester during the summer (Jemma was born the first week of October and Max was born in August), this is my first third trimester in a house lacking all over air conditioning. I’ve never known how lucky I was. 

My current plan for staying cool is …

  • Drinking massive amounts of water
  • Eating popsicles all the live long day
  • Wearing bold and breezy maternity clothes
  • Fans, fans, and more fans

When it comes to bold and breezy maternity clothes, kimonos are one piece I love for staying cool. They offer a touch of sun protection (because I do not need to be the sunburned pregnant lady!) and are both lightweight and beautiful. You can browse all of Pink Blush’s kimonos riiiiiiiight here! Best of all, kimonos transition beyond pregnancy and into many seasons. It’s this tropical floral amazing?

Kind of makes me imagine that I’m lounging under a palm tree versus doing dishes while looking at my window sill full of house plants.


Next up in bold maternity clothes for summer is this Jade Floral Maternity Maxi Dress. It’s extremely comfortable and a one and done kind of outfit — dress, shoes, out the door — that simple!

I first wore this for errands over the weekend, but have grabbed it for home days too. Jem thinks it’s pretty fabulous when I dress fancy at home. Hopefully a few pretty days here and there will overshadow all the sweaty sports bra/elastic waist shorts days that are surely to come this summer while I focus on surviving :) 



Have any fabulous tips for rocking the third trimester during the summer? I’m all ears!

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