Dark Rising and All the Other Books I Devoured This Summer

Dark Rising Back when I decided to read 12 books this year I thought I was hitting the ball outta the park when it comes to making realistic goals. I mean, I was a mom of two when midnight struck on December 31, 2014, I had hopes of getting pregnant in the coming year and my freelance work was taking off. One book a month seemed totally sufficient; a worthwhile commitment to find “me time” throughout the year.

Well, little did I know that I’d discover a bajillion good books and pretty much turn into my childhood book worm self. Even my mom and Dominic have commented that I’m constantly reading … and always something new!

Most recently, I had the honor of reviewing Monica McGurk’s second book in the Archangel Prophecies series. I reviewed the first here. I flew through Dark Rising. Like, fast. It was such a page turner and I’m already chomping at the bit for book three. That good, folks.

Dark Rising continues the story of Hope Carmichael who is now in the company of angels in human form. They’re on a mission, at first unknown, and then, as the story continues light comes to exactly what they’re working towards. That probably sounds vague, but I can’t give away too much – the anticipation of their discovery is what will keep you turning the pages! By the end of the book you’ve traveled the globe, learned quite a bit of church history and gained a new understanding of how complex relationships can be. Technically, the Archangel Prophesies is a teen fiction series (Dark Hope, Dark Rising and coming soon, Dark Before Dawn), but I promise, you mamas will love it too!

This summer I also read 10 other books! And summer isn’t over until September 22nd so I’ll probably add in at least one more to the mix. Craziness! Here are a few other books to consider adding to your reading list, they were all winners … Whiskey and Charlie, Big Little Lies, Orphan Train, Truth & Beauty, For the Love, Scary Close, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Heir, Little Bee and Call the Midwife.

Now, for a chance to win your own copy of Dark Rising … follow Monica McGurk on Facebook and Twitter and then leave a comment with a book I should read this Fall!
Winner will be chosen at 9PST on September 27, 2015.

A big thank you to Monica for sponsoring this post and allowing me to review her books! I’m a fangirl for life :)

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  1. Scott and Jamie Durham says

    I’ve read Orphan Train, Scary Close, and Little Bee this summer too. In the middle of Big Little Lies. Have you heard of The Language of Flowers? So good. Some really intense (and very real!) postpartum scenes – I had to look away and breathe a few times – but I read the book in a day.

  2. Nicole Wetherington says

    You should read all of Sarah Maas’ books!