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christmas wreath

It’s Christmas Eve morning! I’m not in labor and no, I don’t think I will be tomorrow either … so, I think I’ll spend my time playing some board games with the fan (my obsession!), reading (this will be book #39 for 2015!), and sharing a few of my favorite links from around the internet. Sound like a plan to you? Ok then! Merry Christmas and hopefully I’ll be back with baby news someday in the kind of near future :) But don’t rush me. After all, babies come when babies come.

All the love for these Nutcracker leggings!

If I ever start sewing again, this keepsake toy will be at the top of my list.

I would have to agree, beds are hard to decide on.

The Battles We Choose.

Thinking ahead to Jem’s Easter basket — glitter!

Deep grief.

If it ships for free, I’m a happy camper.

When cake meets cookies.

Listen: Rise Up.

I love GOLD!

Adore this home birth story.

Are you a LulaRoe gal? Join my friend’s group for new patterns/styles!

16 planners for 2016.

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