Baby #3 Gender Predictions

gender predictions

We didn’t find out what we were having when I was pregnant with Jemma. I honestly don’t know  how I kept myself from finding out! With Max, we were in the middle of moving so we found out he was a boy so I would know if I needed to take Jemma’s baby clothes to our new place or send them to storage. He was a logistical decision :)

This baby? I’m just so eager to know. I think it gives me the opportunity to bond a little more and although I loved the surprise of finding out Jemma was a girl on her birthday, finding out sooner is probably just as fun. Plus, I want a little time to help Jemma and Max adjust to who is joining our family. And, maybe most important, have some focused campaigning with Dominic on my favorite baby names. No reason to waste my negotiating skills on a girl name if we’re having a boy!

I found as many predictors as I could and followed their tips to determine what we’re having. Our anatomy scan ultrasound is right after we return from Yellowstone so we’ll know more officially then. Once we tell family and close friends, I’ll be sure to post if we’re welcoming a little brother or little sister! 

Chinese Calendar — Girl

The Chinese calendar charts mom’s conception age and month of conception. Pretty unscientific if you ask me. It was wrong for Jemma, but right for Max so a strong 50% accuracy rate :)

Mayan Calendar — Girl

This method takes a little math. You add together the digits in mom’s age at conception plus the digits in the year of conception. Even sum means a girl, odd sum means a boy.

Jemma: 2+3+2+0+0+9 = 16

Max: 2+5+2+0+1+1 = 11

Baby #3: 2+8+2+0+1+5 = 18

Queasy Scale … ?

I feel like I’ve been equally queasy with all three pregnancies. Supposedly more queasiness is from a girl due to an increase in female hormones.

Carrying High — Girl

High bellies are a girl, low bellies are a boy. This was spot on with Jemma and Max. With Jem I could hardly breathe and had to buy new bras because my rib cage expanded so much. With Max, the opposite – I needed new pants for my wide hips and low belly and my regular bras fit up until the end!

Less Skin Blemishes — ?

The theory is that extra female hormones in your body increase acne and blemishes when you’re expecting a girl. That would mean I’m having a boy this time – my skin has been crystal clear! My track record says the opposite though. My skin was awful when I was pregnant with Max and clear with Jemma. Hmmm …

Wedding Ring Test — ?

Take off your wedding ring and tie it to a string. If it swings back and forth it’s a girl. If it moves in a circle it’s a boy. I used floss because that’s all I had on hand – first it twirled and then it started swinging. What?!?

Gender Maker — Boy

Yes, I ordered a pee test to see what I’m having! I took it at 16 weeks and got a strong purple color which equates to a boy. 

Cravings — Girl

Sweets means a girl and salty/sour means a boy. I’ve definitely had more of a sweet tooth. So much so that I texted my sister last week begging her to stop at Trader Joe’s and bring me a bag of chocolate covered potato chips. Then again, those are kind of sweet and salty, so who knows. I’m using past pregnancies to gauge this one. With Jemma I craved meat and fruit. With Max, I carb loaded like no ones business. Right now I can’t get enough of steak and fresh fruit :)

Shettles Method — Girl

Thanks to my Creighton charting I feel very confident in my ovulation and conception dates. Connect that information with the TMI of Shettles Method and we’re definitely having a girl.

Heart Rate — Boy

At my last appointment baby’s heart was ranging from 130-140 beats/minute. Under 140 usually means a boy, over means a girl.

Sibling Guesses – Girl

Jemma knew I was pregnant before I did. She even told her Sunday School teacher that we were having a baby at Christmas! So I’m honestly putting a lot of weight on that girl’s guess. She has said girl from the beginning. Max agrees … “itza baby durl in yo tummy!”

Old Wive’s Tale — Girl

I took the 15 question test and survey says … 53% chance of baby being a girl.

That’s 7 votes for girl, 2 for boy and 3 unknowns!

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  1. Bianca says

    I’ve always had a strong feeling that it’s a girl – and I’ve been right on my pregnancy guesses these days! :) Can’t wait for the news.

  2. Mal says

    The floss one cracked me up! Congratulations again!