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Holler friends! Happy spring!

We have six weeks left of our school year and I confess, I’m counting down the days. We have so much fun coming this summer and I’m ready for the SUNSHINE. We’ve got some major house projects in the works too. I know, I know … the never-ending story around here. What can I say, we move and resettle often. But, this year is summer two in our house and things are going to happen — a fence, more garden beds, and a fancied up little playhouse. Dominic is 80% done with a backyard shed (at least according to what I see) and we just assembled a play structure that a friend gifted to us. Yes, gifted! Such a blessing and now a daily part of our outside time.

Here’s a little this and that to peruse, I’m off to the bath to read this!

To kick off Easter week … Historical Facts About Jesus From Non-Christian Sources, so interesting!

Talking about all weather in a positive manner. I really am a season lover. I love the rain and then the sun and find bits of joy in all the in between.

Until Saturday night my Stitch Fix link will give you a $40 credit instead of the regular $25 credit! This is the time to sign up!!! I shared a video on Facebook of my last box (the dress I’m wearing above was in it!) in case you want the inside scoop on what a Fix looks like as well as some of my tips :)

I loved this book, such an intriguing story.

And I just put this one on hold at the library.

Perhaps Jem and I will get matching ones someday.

We are halfway through this Dr. Seuss art class and it has been really wonderful! If you’re new to Outschool and use my referral link you’ll get 4 weeks of class for just $10 … or $20 off any other class you’re interested in :)

Jem and I totally want to give this a try!

How to deepen friendships. Such a good read!

Sometimes healthy recipes are no good, but these look fab!

If you have young kids, this is a must read.

This Mom’s Mental Load Post Will Have You Calling Yourself “the Keeper” Too – word.

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    I really like your dress. I can also feel your excitement.