Our Whole Life Is Like Spring Break

Spring Break has come and gone and you know what? It was a lot like every other week we have around here. It’s one of the greatest gifts of being a stay at home mom. I can take little adventures and long naps any day I want for the most part. I love this part of my life – that we’re flexible and available and, well, living a never ending Spring Break.

It doesn’t come without sacrifice, of course. But this stay at home mom gig? No matter how hard it is and how wiped I am as midnight draws near each night – it is awesome. And choosing to own that perspective is a constant goal of mine. 

School breaks and holidays are often a little extra special for us because my mom, sister and best friend are all teachers. So even though regular weeks are full of Spring Break greatness around here, the REAL Spring Break has an extra boost of special thanks to Aunt Kiki, Mimi and honorary Auntie Leah. And yes, Jem has officially started calling her “Auntie” or “Aunt” Leah … it’s the sweetest! Leah’s son also thinks Jem is his sister most days :) It’s going to be so fun watching these munchkins grow up together. I’ll be that sappy mom graduation after graduation pulling out photos of “way back when” while simultaneously asking Leah “I still look like that, right?”

A now, a quick little explosion of this year’s Spring Break shenanigans …

  • spring break 2015 collageMax fell in love with Hot Wheels, he officially loves them more than My Little Pony, we think.
  • Children’s Museum, bc it’s the poor person’s Disney. Even better, we went the last hour they were open when it was by donation … then we ate here. OMG. Oh. Em. Gee.
  • Jem got her first bike with matching Elsa crown helmet
  • Pacific Science Center outing in Seattle, the greatest. I took field trips here when I was little and it’s just the best reliving those memories with my kiddos now. 
  • The beginning of night walks, our favorite nice weather tradition. And since everyone asks, this is the newer version of our wagon train :)
  • A little house rearranging/decorating … Dominic was in Houston for the week and I gave him an office makeover and moved our homeschool room into the rarely used dining room. 
  • Lily & Mama loveliness
  • Training for a 5 mile “race” gym selfie
  • Obligatory Space Needle photo with friends
  • Fake camping at REI in Portland on our day adventure south with Mimi … I used a gift card I won to get this and another I was generously gifted for these. I’ve been dreaming of both and figured that tax free somewhat justified the gift card splurges :) 
  • Leah and I saw Insurgent on our mom date, accidentally in 3D
  • My front porch got it’s Spring makeover compliments of my mama
  • Max, being the man of the house while Daddy was on a work trip, was on his best ninja turtle behavior
  • Easter, of course!
  • Deep cleaning with this gem, and yes, you can win one from a fab partnership I’m a part of
  • Indoor camping with a fabulous aunt

Most of all though, our Spring Break capstone was the birth of our nephew! Dominic was able to detour on his business trip to visit the little cutie’s 5 day old self and I’m so so so jealous! Dom taunted my baby fever with the snuggliest baby photos – uh! So darling and precious!!! Thankfully, my jealously was curbed when one of our small group families invited us to visit their day old son :) Gosh, new babies are just the best!

What was your Spring Break like? If you’re a SAHM do you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with a never-ending Spring Break? Obviously splattered with chores and regular craziness, but still … no official school or work, right!?!

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  1. jamie says

    we have a break from the ministry campus’s preschool every quarter. it’s only two weeks (except christmas break, which is four) and usually they are pretty rough and emotional days for the kiddos. they LOVE the small preschool and their teachers (fellow missionaries). this last break, though, i rummaged up some creativity and threw together a loosely planned ‘homeschool’ curriculum – one project each day, a different subject for each day of the week. they LOVED it. so much so that we are continuing on for the days they don’t go to preschool during the school quarter. so our ‘spring break’ was a lot more like school…and it was great!