Mama’s Gettin’ Pretty + a Giveaway

 On a daily basis what kind of pampering do you do for yourself?

Ok, ok … How about weekly?

Fine, don’t call it pampering. Let’s call it mama self-care. Caring for yourself through little things, no day long spa days or cruises :) The things that fill you up so you can then turn around and care for your family.

It’s a lesson I’m constantly learning and trying to implement. Put on my oxygen mask before assisting others. Such valuable lessons those airlines have engrained in our minds.

Most days, I’m run ragged. I’m productive, in a crazy pick-up-the-same-mess kind of way, but overall, productive. I shower daily and brush my teeth and usually steal away for a bathroom break of my own. Hear that? I pee alone sometimes! But make-up, hair, nails? Those aren’t my norm unless we’ve got fancy plans.

Here’s the thing though. I feel more “me” when I take a few extra minutes for some mama self-care – good moisturizer, pretty nails, some lip shine, a puff of perfume and a swipe of mascara. So, my friends, pop in a guilt-free screening of Frozen and let me introduce you to two of my new favorite items. Things that are just for me! You could almost consider them part of my oxygen mask.

Meet Jamberry and Younique.

Have your heard of them? They’re fab. Just fabulous!


Jamberry is a nail wrap company. They have non toxic, gluten free, vegan, made in the USA nail wraps that come in over 300 designs. For the most part, my nails are usually naked – polish chips off too fast with my oh-so-glamorous chores and a few months of acrylics years ago damaged my nails soooooo bad. Jamberry is the PERFECT in between! These adhesive nail wraps last for 2 weeks on fingers and 4 on toes and haven’t hurt my sensitive lil’ nails one bit. My first application took me about 30 minutes, but now that I’ve got the process down I think my second round will go much faster. These video tutorials were super helpful too …

I loved trying out Jamberry! They’re just fun and make me feel more pulled together. Total win. This is the set Jennifer let me try and I think this one and this one are awesome too! Such a fun little addition of glitz to my yoga pant uniform :)

So, with pretty nails that last forever, even with daily chores, I followed my mama self-care mantra and grabbed my new, forever favorite mascara from Younique to spruce up my lashes.

Ladies. This stuff is unreal. And natural!

Younique has a full line of natural make-up products, but it’s the mascara I’m smitten with. 3D Fiber Mascara has me going from dreary-tired mama to WOWSER, LOOK AT THOSE LASHES mama. It wakes me up almost as much as my morning coffee :) Best of all – it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, carcinogenic-free, hypoallergenic, water resistant (while still washing off easily) and increases lash volume by 300%. What’s it made of you ask? Green tea fibers. Unique, right (wink, wink)!

youniqueWith Younique mascara, it’s the photos that really do the talking – here’s my before and after …

younique compare youniqueAmazing, right? It’s super easy to apply and works like a charm. My 3D mascara is here to stay, an official mama self-care staple!

Ready to treat yo’self?

Order Jamberry products from my gal, Jennifer here and Younique mascara and other make up from Christi here!

But wait! A mama self-care post wouldn’t be complete without a lovely giveaway! Yes, oh yes, one sweet mama will win a Jamberry nail wrap set of her choice, Jamberry heater AND a Younique 3D mascara set – woohoo! Cross my heart, you’re going to love it all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jennifer and Christi both sent me sample of their products so I could share with you. If I didn’t love them I would have kept my lips sealed. But, both Jamberry and Younique have out a pep in my step and have truly made me feel a bit more taken care of. High five for mama self care! 

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  1. Jill B. says

    I've been obsessed with the Younique mascara since I first tried it a few weeks ago. I would love to try the Jamberry nail wraps though! After my son goes to bed is the only time I can usually find time for mama self care. Even if it's a few minutes to slather on a quick face mask it feels a little like a luxury. :)

  2. Katie says

    So excited to try the mascara and really want to try Jamberry!!!!

  3. Deborah says

    Mama care is so important – love that your sharing these great products with us!

  4. Heather says

    I just started using jamberry and I love them. Super interested in the mascara!

  5. Julia T says

    I love pampering myself by taking long baths and doing my nails!

  6. Chelsie M says

    I put the hubs on baby duty and take a long bath!

  7. says

    My mama care these days is coming the form of exercise. I'm *making* time 4-5 days a week and then actually showering after. Which, as you know, lifts spirits like none other. And on Saturday nights, I paint my nails…. only to have to take it off by Tuesday :/

    • says

      You totally need Jamberry then! I got a full 10 days before any sign of wear!

  8. says

    In all honesty, most of my mama self-care happens after bedtime… but I like to use naptime to write and read/relax once I finish up with whatever chores I have left. One rough days, I skip the chores. ;]

  9. molly c says

    im not a mom but i love bubble baths!

  10. Erin G says

    I have my ME time ( mama self care time) after the kids go to bed at night. Makes it hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour because I just enjoy it so much!!

  11. Becky says

    My husband travels for work and is gone most m-f. After bed and the weekends is when I get most of my me time. I also have a standing girls night each week which is a huge de-stressor for me!

  12. Cindy Loo says

    I make sure to set a time every week for me-time!

  13. vandango33 says

    Nap time is my best friend! ;)