50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers + Preschoolers

Whenever I have a dilemma, I think “Golly girl, you should really think on that and write up a blog post”. And so, I did. Lucky, lucky you! 

So, the question I had asked myself … “What on earth should I, I mean, the Claus duo, pack into these darling stockings on Christmas morning?”

And my first answer … “Uh, candy?” And then, brilliance struck and I gathered together 50 rock star stocking stuffer ideas! Boom shaka laka! 50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Baby Lit books
  2. Ah! Natural name wood blocks or tethers
  3. Play Doh Plus, or homemade
  4. No End Naturals chapstick /// A friend of mine’s shop, you’ll love her products!
  5. Blind bags
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Bubbles
  8. Cookie Cutters /// For Play Doh or cookies
  9. Coupons /// Dinner date night with Dad, movies with Mom, etc.
  10. Framed family photo
  11. Oranges /// Must have tradition for the toe of the stocking!
  12. Granola bars
  13. Fruit gummies /// our favorite
  14. Vitamins
  15. Coloring book and markers /// We love Color Wonder
  16. Homemade treat with these new delights /// Love finding new favorites from my sponsors!
  17. Mercer Made hair clips
  18. Sweet Ties Hair Ties
  19. Mason jar straws and lids
  20. Chatbooks /// Littles love to look at pictures of fun things they’ve done
  21. New Disney DVD
  22. Puzzles
  23. T-shirts /// Love these, these, and these
  24. MagiClip Princesses
  25. Race cars
  26. DIY essential oil warm sack
  27. DIY candy sleigh
  28. DIY homemade mittens from an old sweater
  29. DIY Glitter Slime
  30. Glitter glue /// Jem loves this stuff and actually has it on her Christmas wish list
  31. Clip on earrings for your little princess
  32. Small DUPLO sets /// Honestly, I watch for these at consignment sales like a hawk
  33. DIY finger puppets
  34. Sunglasses
  35. Temporary tattoos
  36. Flashcards /// From the Target $1 bin … I laminate ours, punch a ring at the top and add a circle jump ring to keep them all together
  37. Socks
  38. Books on CD
  39. Clown nose /// One of Max’s most favorite things to play with!
  40. DIY crayon roll
  41. Memory game
  42. DIY money melts
  43. Rubber stamps and ink pad
  44. Whistle
  45. DIY marshmallow catapult
  46. DIY fleece ear warmers
  47. Magazine subscription /// Jem loves ZooBooks
  48. Magnifying glass
  49. Binoculars
  50. iTunes gift card for new apps

stocking stuffers

Ah! Natural Baby Teether /// Baby Lit /// Disney Frozen Magiclip /// Kid + Kind Sea Pup T-Shirt

What would you add as a stocking stuffer idea? 

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  1. jamie says

    so great! i was just thinking about stocking stuffers the other day for the kids. i love that this list is a mix of just-for-fun stuff and we’ll-actually-use-it stuff.

  2. says

    We were talking about this at homeschool group a few weeks ago. Best ideas I heard were flashlights, mini microscopes, tape measures and walkie talkies– we’re doing the walkie talkies for our 8 & 4 year olds. Then maybe they’ll give me back the baby monitor parts!

    • Gretchen says

      Bahaha! This made be chuckle :) I did just pick up a magnifying glass for Max and I know Jem would like a tape measure – she’s always talking about how many feet people are.

  3. Jessica says

    Such a great list!! Those Baby lit books were on super sale and my dad bought 10 for my girls!! We do an orange, socks, lip balm (among other fun amenity things), and Paleo friendly snacks I can find.

    • Gretchen says

      Lucky girls! I think they’re just the cutest books!