2014 Family Photos

At the end of September we ventured out with our favorite photographer to lock in another round of family photos. It was pure bliss! All smiles. No hiccups whatsoever. How family photos always go … wink, wink ;) That’s why it always amazes me when photography folks can capture such amazing moments. I love love love sharing life with my these three people and it’s just an extra blessing to have it caught on camera.

family photos 52014_Cstrole_-01302014_Cstrole_-9826 2014_Cstrole_-0091 2014_Cstrole_-0169family photos 1 2014_Cstrole_-9862 2014_Cstrole_-00412014_Cstrole_-9935family photos 22014_Cstrole_-9871 copyfamily photos 32014_Cstrole_-98982014_Cstrole_-98862014_Cstrole_-9766

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  1. says

    Beautiful!! If there were any tears, you can’t tell one bit!

  2. says

    Wonderful photos! Photographers areso neatlike thataren’t they :) Thanks for sharing your photographed moments!