Chocolate Avocado Pudding with American Girl 2019 Girl of the Year, Blaire Wilson

Today’s post is in partnership with American Girl, one of our very favorite brands!

Friends, the end of January has arrived! How?!? Thirty one days checked off and us all well into 2019!

So much about January makes it one of my very favorite months of the year and Jemma agrees … especially because the new year always means a big debut from American Girl! Every January, American Girl announces a new doll and storyline, the Girl of the Year! For 2019, it’s Blaire Wilson

Blaire Wilson

Blaire Wilson

I’ll confess, Jemma unboxed Blaire and read through the first and second book before I had a chance to  ask if she wanted to make it a mother daughter thing. Instead, she kept me updated on all the details and practically retold me each story in her excitement. Needless to say, American Girl books, after all these years, are still page turners!

As Jemma grows older – eight already! – she’s becoming more and more aware of the information that can be found, created, and shared online. Even more, the balance it takes to stay connected both online and offline. Being virtually “connected” doesn’t necessarily mean real connections are being formed or maintained. It’s an ongoing conversation in our home … and one I’m learning while I teach it. Blaire’s story emphasized this idea in such a relatable way and I’m thrilled that such a well-loved character is broaching such modern day topics.

Jem knew I’d be crafting a blog post about Blaire and asked if she could put her writing and typing skills to work and tell you all about Blaire. Of course I said yes :)

So, straight from Jemma with no edits or help from me, here’s a bit about Blaire!

Meet Blaire, the 2019 Girl of the Year.

Blaire loves to cook. Her family owns a Bed And Breakfast at Pleasant View Farm. In her story she helps plan a wedding. She can get very excited and when she has an idea, she calls them “idea sparks”. But, when she becomes allergic to dairy, she feels left out, especially at school. But, when the wedding could become famous in a magazine, things become a little more interesting.

Her hair is red and curly, she has green eyes, and her main outfit is a white sundress with bumblebees on it. She has a yellow bracelet on her wrist, and wears purple sandals. The first book is called “Meet Blaire”, and the second book is called “Blaire Cooks up a Plan”.

My favorite part about Blaire is her white sundress with bumblebees on it because it matches the theme in the wedding. And I love how she loves to help people.

She told me that she could write more, but she said she didn’t want to give too much away about what happens! I told her it was fine to leave some cliffhangers :)

In reading Blaire’s story, Jemma totally latched onto the bit about Blaire being dairy sensitive because her mama is too! I love me some cheese and I’ll splurge on a peanut butter milkshake any day, but they don’t make my tummy super happy, so, when I can choose treats that are dairy free, it’s a good thing for everyone! Inspired by Blaire and her mama, Jemma thought it would be fun to whip up a dairy free recipe.  Our first idea was macarons, but after some research we decided to leave those to the professional bakers. Jem and I love to bake, but we’re lacking a little on the exact science and macarons are next level! So, we landed on a chocolate avocado pudding – healthy, dairy free, and such a pretty little dessert. You could almost say it’s fit for a wedding! Or shower! Or any ol’ Thursday :)

Jemma was a little skeptical of a sweet avocado recipe, but I promised her that avocados didn’t necessarily mean guacamole. She thought the two were synonymous … but, nope, not this time! In this recipe, the avocados are purely for creaminess! Whether you’re eating dairy free or just looking for a decadent spoonful of sweetness, definitely give chocolate avocado pudding a try!

avocado chocolate pudding


2 large avocados, ripe

6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

3 tablespoons maple syrup

3 tablespoons honey

1/2 cup coconut milk, canned, equal parts fat and liquid

Topping: shredded coconut or nuts (pistachios, roasted hazelnuts, or cinnamon pecans)


Cut avocados in half and scoop flesh into a mixing bowl. They must be ripe to very ripe for the pudding to turn out. Add all other ingredients and blend for 5-7 minutes with a hand mixer on medium power. Scoop pudding into serving cups and sprinkle with topping of choice. 





As you can see, Jemma and Blaire both approve! Jem thought these little pudding cups would fit in perfectly at Pleasant View Farm … mini desserts are always a hit with guests and at events! 

Read more about Blaire and peek at her entire collection over at American Girl! And, if you have a favorite dairy free recipe, especially if it’s a yummy dessert, definitely let us know! You can also check out fun games and online activities on American Girl’s Play site. We’re loving the “This or That” game and Blaire’s blog is too cute!


A special thank you to American Girl for sending Blaire and her accessories to Jemma. It goes without saying that it’s a dream come true for this American Girl loving mama to see her daughter so in love with the dolls I’ve treasured for years. 

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  1. says

    Gemma looks so much like your mom in these photo! One of our favorite dairy free treats is chia seed pudding, made with coconut milk. YUMMM!

    • Gretchen says

      She really does! They’re very much twins :) Doesn’t coconut milk make everything extra delicious!