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It seems today is our first home morning since school began last week. #carpoolmom #falltimeisbusytime

Summer feels over and we’re officially in the throws of life. Of routine. School has a way of doin’ that to ya. Well, it’s not technically us in school. We’re true homeschool preschool folk this year (complete with coop!), but our Korean and Chinese daughters keep us in school mode.

They arrived on Labor Day and have settled in nicely. Each to their own room and into their senior year studies. Our Korean daughter was with us last year and has quickly fallen into step with her friends and her little siblings – Jemma and Max adore her. Our Chinese daughter is new and a real sweetheart. She’s become my afternoon chore buddy and I’m crazy thankful for her!

The conversation of boyfriends arose yesterday and she shook her head no when we asked if she had one. Then she quickly added, “He is my little boyfriend!” while pointing to Max. And ya’ll, Max would agree! He loves her and follows her around like a little puppy!

Both girls brought us fun little gifts from their home countries – best of all being a selfie stick form Korea! Apparently they’re all the rage and already allowing me to take fun, new photos such as this … photo-2 copy 2

Anyways, the routine. I’m aiming to school Jemma two mornings each week and plan at least another one or two learning outings for us. Even simple things like her solo walk home from the mailbox … photo-2 copy 3

And! Homeschool coop! Our first gathering went really well – as a group we’re studying the Puget Sound in September. Jemma is also taking swim lessons and ballet (her birthday request) and we’re participating in church activities each Wednesday. When you look at my calendar, the weeks look full. I’m back to managing a better cleaning routine after my free for all summer and am meal planning too. It truly saves me money at the grocery store and helps pace the cooking each week. Why do I ever stop? This week we’ve enjoyed pulled chicken sandwiches and cauliflower crust pizza (sharing the recipe soon!). Tonight is broccoli soup and the week will end with zucchini boats and honey garlic chicken over rice.

I still want to implement a few other routines into our schedule – a family walk night and an evening where I do non-screen activities (bath, reading, solo errands) just for me. We’ll see what fits.

Before you think this new found routine has me bordering perfection … I just snagged a Groupon for a housecleaner to come do my bathrooms, because contrary to popular belief, I do not have more than 24 hours in each day.

What does your Fall routine look like? 

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  1. says

    I am a teacher, so getting back into the swing of things is so hard! The older my kids get, the busier it seems to be. I am with you on the housekeeping thing! Told my husband yesterday that I am hiring one!!

    • says

      I watch those Groupons like a hawk because that's the only way it fits into our budget! Love a little extra help!

  2. pierogiemama says

    You know you're a chicken mom when you read that as COOP not co-op. >.<

    And I might be investing in this selfie stick.

    • says

      Haha! I used to type co-op since that is how you say it … then I learned it's short for cooperation and thus, no -. But yeah, I knew it would through you chicken mamas off!

  3. says

    I plan to homeschool too so I'm VERY interested i hearing more about the co-op if you get the time!