These Days

These days. I’m cherishing them.

Moments with Jemma chattering about her favorite book, Tallulah’s Tutu and how she goes poo in the potty now (small, but major miracle that all started after my confession of not knowing anything about potty training). Or how her little animals are sleeping in her dollhouse so we can’t go in her room lest we wake them during their naps. She negotiates everything to high heaven and when I look at her, I see bits of me. In a hundred ways I feel like I’m raising myself. And it’s odd, and awesome and totally an adventure that I anticipate every day.

She will only wear dresses these days. If it’s up to her, only princess ones or ballet recital outfits I’ve thrifted. She convincingly tells me she feels most “fancy and very beautiful like a princess” when she wears her dresses. And everyday is a celebration — or a special day, in her world. And celebrations and special days deserve pretty dresses and hot cocoa, naturally. So, we twirl and sip almost everyday. Because, why not? Forever I shall be the mother who serves tiny cups of almond milk cocoa and makes the days special. At least I hope that’s what she’ll remember.

My Max runs from sun up to sun down. We recently bought a mini trampoline from a friend, the kind with a handlebar, and it has taken up residence in our living room. It’s Max’s bouncing space and he will chant “bounce, bounce, bounce” with a giant grin plastered to his face. Dominic thought it was an eyesore, AND IT IS, and then he saw Max bouncing and said it could stay :) Because really, what kiddo doesn’t want a trampoline in the middle of their living room?

He is my little creature of habit. He likes the days to look the same and he likes his milk close at hand. We’ve been setting a few mama milk boundaries lately and the poor little guy has learned the unfortunate phrase “mama’s milk is empty, you’ll have to be patient” … to which he returns a few moments later to sniff me and see if his milk has returned. It’s humorous and deserves a little video. Everything in his world needs to be big and loud – literally, that’s what he tells me. He wants a big banana, not slices. He wants a big cheese, not bites. He yells “woud, woud” whenever music is on; usually followed by “wet it goooooooo, den summmmmmmer!” Because he has a sister and what other kind of music is he supposed to be obsessed with?

these days 7.8.14

This morning our chiropractic appointment was rescheduled so we hit up IHOP for their 56th birthday. Because … celebration! And we don’t miss those if we can help it. Hashtag, see above. This may have been the first time I’ve taken both kids to a sit down restaurant alone. They did great and ate their 56 cent short stacks like a caveman and little lady. From there we hit up the library and did some park reconnaissance for Max’s 2nd birthday party. WHICH IS ONE MONTH AWAY. My baby is 23 months tomorrow. How? HOW? HOW!?!?!

Anyways, the library summer reading program is fab. They’ve got great activities and every week they give out a coupon to kids who visit the library – last week it was $3 off at a local book store, this week, a kid’s free admission to the zoo or NW Trek. I’m totally partial to NW Trek after visiting last week and am so happy we have a reason to jet back soon.

So, these days. I love them. I want to poke my eyes out a various moments; but I love them. The simplicity of our days is staving off my baby fever and truly giving me reason to enjoy this season with my two favorite firecrackers. I love being their mama. I really, really do.

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  1. jamie says

    madison cries whenever we show her a dress as a clothing option. lately she'll say ,'no, no dress!' as we are getting dressed in tshirts and shorts.

  2. says

    I love posts like these. There are definitely beautiful and happy moments to be found in every season, aren't there? =]