Watching /// so many documentaries, even more than I shared here. Latest was Food Matters, Henry VIII and End of Watch (that last one wasn’t a technical documentary, but it was real life ish). And now I’ve started The Vampire Diaries because Fall television can’t come soon enough! I’m most excited for the return of Scandal and the new How To Get Away With Murder.

Searching /// for any and advice about Yellowstone! We’re planning a trip for next summer and I’m REALLY excited! I went when I was in 1st grade and still have the best memories of it. It’s seriously the greatest blessing to have a mom and sister who are both teachers and thus have the summers off.

Missing ///

Growing /// in my endurance. If my knees weren’t bothering me so much I would almost say I enjoy running.

Ignoring /// the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Total lie. I’m not. I ordered shoes for Max, Jemma’s birthday present and a little something for myself … plus a pair of my favorite jeans in a smaller size because my original pair were from shortly after Max was born. Best of all, I first logged into Ebates and then Nordstrom because right now you get 10% back on any Nordstrom purchase – WOOHOO!

And a few links worth sharing …

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    I spent a summer traveling by trailer and have spent a bit of time in/near Yellowstone… so much fun stuff to see and do! I'm sure you'll get lots of good tips but I'd be happy to help or answer any questions remaining if you'd like to e-mail me. =]

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      Thanks so much! Doing lots of reading now and will definitely touch base with you as we get closer :)