Life In Prison

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been on a run of prison themed shows. Currently, I’m speeding through Prison Break, wrapping up season 4 as we speak. Be still my heart, here comes Lincoln Burroughs. Who’s real name is Dominic, so it’s obviously love since I love men named Dominic. Well, at least one man :) Next, I’ll be continuing the prison-ness with the season 2 premiere of Orange is the New Black – June 6th people!

So … prison. I’ve never been, not even visited. I’ve had a speeding ticket or two in my day, but nothing that has put me on the brink of incarceration. So really, I can only imagine the realities. And imagine I do …

You know the problem with being a mom of two kids, two little cherubs, and watching prison shows? You start to think prison looks nice. Appealing, even. I mean, you have your own room no one can enter, someone else makes your meals and does your laundry. Late at night as I watch each episode I begin to wonder how much reading and writing I would get done in all that prison silence. A lot I’m sure.

Yes, of course there is prison drama to deal with, but isn’t the motto “don’t bother me and I won’t bother you”. I could handle that. I could leave everyone alone and in return, they could leave me alone. I WOULD BE ALONE. I just might have the opportunity to pee – by. my. self.

Yes, prison might be nice. Any other mamas concur?

orange is the new black quote

Oh, and happy 21 month birthday, Max! Don’t you fret one bit … mama’s not really going to run off to prison. I know you need your mama milk and I’m pretty sure prison doesn’t let babies come for long-term visits. So, I guess we’re stuck with each other :) Anyways, silence ain’t got nothin’ on the memories our wild days are making! Hugs, kisses and let me pee alone once today, mmm’kay?


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  1. Hannah Ervin says

    I’ve often bought that padded room in an insane asylum were created by moms for moms for similar reasons – it’s so clean! All the time! Quiet, soft, someone feeding you, etc …
    Motherhood. It does a number on your thought process.