Because — BEACH!

It’s my girl’s 4th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Jemma Pie!

We began our celebration this last weekend with a trip to the beach. Jem loves the coast, as we all do, so when she asked if we could go again I was 100% game! 

Going to the Washington Coast on the last days of September is a sure request for rain. Always. Fall just isn’t known for it’s warm weather and clear skies around here. But … but but but. Not this weekend! We had the most beautiful weather – warm almost. It allowed for romps in the waves, a bonfire and … well, I’ll just photo bomb you with all our adventures :) 

But first, my mini stroke of mom genius …traveling with preschoolers - audio booksFor real, when traveling with kids – unearth  that old portable CD player and gather their favorite songs and audio books. Ultimate peace and relaxation FOR EVERYONE!


Jem would never leave the sand. It must be like coloring and play dough for her – unlimited creativity at her fingertips. She only goes near the water to rinse her hands and scoop water to better mold her castles.


But Max, he would never leave the water! They keep us running in opposite directions!

beach selfiesOh look – a photo of the mama and Dad!

I snuck in a solo run before we logged into online church. Which, if you’re in for an encouraging message – this is it! Dave Roever was a guest speaker and his story and passion is phenomenal.

The beach trails are my absolute favorite place to run. Well, jun or rog if we’re being real.


 In swimsuits ready for the beach … IN SEPTEMBER! Practically October!

beach crew

Our favorite beach breakfast on repeat (recipe here) and the ultimate sandcastle crew! It was such a blessing having our international students tag along! 

bonfire 1

Max is on a mega good strike. Graham crackers are still allowed though. 

IMG_9276 I know, I know. We all want his sweatshirt. bonfire 2We met up with a college friend and her 4 little ones – so let this photo be evidence that Dom can build a fire with 6 tiny onlookers and zero accidents.

We loved the beach. It loved us. We’ll be returning soon. And, Dom practically promised that we can have our own beach house someday so I’m crossing my fingers and drooling over listings as we speak to escape from the unpacking that still hasn’t happened.

Alrighty, we’re off to eat birthday breakfast (pumpkin scones from Trader Joes!) and take a leaf hunting walk before lunch with Mimi! Happy 4th year, my girl – Mama loves doing life with you – you’re the best!

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  1. says

    Look at Max holding your phone like a nintendo set, lol!

    Also, you have a beautiful family. I love being able to stalk you online. ;)

  2. says

    That picture of Max in the reeds! <3

    And duh, can't believe I've never taken advantage of online church! We just usually miss it when we travel… but we could do online church and then we don't even have to drive around trying to find one!

    • Gretchen says

      This was the first time we thought of it! It worked out great!

  3. says

    Oh, now I want to be at the beach. Looks like too much fun!