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Spring Ride
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I jumped ship to Polyvore for my favorite things collage – if you haven’t polyvored yet, you must. It’s kind of addicting and all sorts of fun.
So, my current favorites … the earrings are my new daily go tos. I’ll be sporting them at a wedding we’re off to today while we swoon to Bastille on the car ride. The bike is my Mother’s Day wish – only $88 at Walmart! And the reviews are decent! My mama ordered the sandals for me as a treat. Yes, I know she’s the sweetest and tell her as often as I can. After trying them on though I’ve found I need a 1/2 size larger, so keep that in mind if you follow suit. I’ll be returning and reordering through Ebates because why not earn 6% back from my Nordstrom purchases?Succulents, duh.
And the stress relief bubble bath? I’ve shied away from all Bath & Body Works products but am absolutely smitten with this soft scent – eucalyptus tea. Dump me in a bath with that and you won’t see for quite some time. Mostly because I’m already on to book two and have been reading in the tub every night lately. Why are dystopia stories so intriguing? Lastly, hats … are you a hat person? I really really want to be. I may have even thrifted a similar one this week for a mere $7. Perhaps I’ll wear it soon for ya’ll. Maybe. And then you can all comment on my leaping fashion sense by saying, “Oh Kale Yeah” :) Let that be the precursor to a Style File of me in a hat holding a cuppa kale-infused juice. Well, I can’t promise that, but I do have a yummy green juice recipe coming soon!
That wraps up my favorite things – and so “I simply remember my favorite things and then I won’t feel so bad”! Not that I was, but how do you not break into song when thinking of favorite things?
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