The Momiform

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Direct.
Long, long ago I remember polling fellow mamas on their contact versus glasses preference. I was newly pregnant with Jemma and approaching my annual eye exam. My pregnancy indecision was in full swing. Anyone else suffer from pregnancy indecision? For the life of me, I couldn’t decide how to spend my hardware allotment. Contacts? My usual preference. Or, a fresh pair of “mom” glasses? Something that would be easy to take on and off and wouldn’t dry out my eyes during those “sleep when the baby sleeps” naps.
In the end, I opted for glasses and over the last almost four years (FOUR. YEARS. HOW?) glasses have become a favorite part of my mominform.
Yes, momiform. My mama uniform :) It looks something like this …
The Momiform

This outfit is a mix of favorites I have and favorites I’m a hopin’ for. Are you swooning?
For a moment, let’s focus on eyewear. For one, it’s not cheap. For two, it’s necessary. Obviously. I mean, this girlfriend is a blind, blind bat without my glasses. Thankfully, VSP offers an individual vision plan that is both affordable and provides options for hip frames. 
Being a stay at home mom comes with a lot of sacrifices, but comfortable fashion and insurance don’t have to be some of those sacrifices. Vision care through VSP Direct insures a hip momiform at a decent price – plans start at $18/month. VSP Direct coverage includes an eye exam with a low copay, allowance for glasses or contact lenses, over 30,000 providers across the US and more.
And … if you’re without vision care insurance (or if yours is lacking) take a peek at VSP Direct. Even better, enter to win the Insure Your Look Sweepstakes
Do you wear glasses? Would you consider them to be a part of your hip mama uniform? Come on fellow 4-eyes – show your spectacle pride :)

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Direct.

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  1. Laura Burns says

    I didn't *have* to wear glasses until a year ago and now when I see my little ones playing house, it is apparent that they view them as part of me. LOL! THey are always trying to wear their own glasses!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Too cute! Max gets pretty confused because I alternate between contacts and glasses – he's always bringing me my glasses if I don't have them on. We've even had a casualty from his "help" :/