Meet the Funky Fluff Bamboo Fusion Cloth Diaper 2.0 & a 10 PACK GIVEAWAY!

This sponsored post is a collaboration between Funky Fluff, The Pierogie Mama and That Mama Gretchen, We are thrilled to share our cloth diaper love because we’re truly floored by these exceptional diapers. Enjoy, and don’t miss the amazing giveaway!
There’s something new in the cloth diaper world, friends …

I’ve raved about Funky Fluff before and today I’m thrilled to share about their new release … the Funky Fluff Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System 2.0! Best of all The Pierogie Mama and I have teamed up for this grand debut and it includes a super thorough review (we’ve seriously tested every dimension of this diaper) and a big, no, ginormous giveaway!

First off, we want to share a bit of the heart behind Funky Fluff, because companies with a purpose and passion speak volumes to us. Funky Fluff was founded by Kathy and Tricia, long time friends with a passion for cloth diapering. They “live, breathe and LOVE cloth diapering” and it’s their goal to help other mamas be successful in cloth diapering their children. Together, Kathy and Tricia have cloth diapered 4 boys and have grown their home based, Canadian business through tons of hard work. And their commitment to quality products obviously hasn’t stopped since they’re debuting a 2.0 version of their popular bamboo cloth diaper. Ready to relish in all the features of the 2.0?
Now, a little introduction before our official reviews … between us both we’ve tried almost 30 different brands of cloth diapers between our 3.5 children (Gretchen’s daughter and son and Bianca’s daughter and sweet bump due in March). So, when we say we like a certain feature or really trust something about a diaper, we’re not joking. We’ve got A LOT of comparison power. That’s probably why we’re so excited to share Funky Fluff’s 2.0 with you!
First up, Bianca’s thoughts …
I’ve got a pretty trim little miss – at 21 months old, she just tipped the scale at 23 lbs and is about 31 1/2 inches tall. She’s a perfectly proportioned little doll, and her smallish stature has been both a blessing and a difficulty. I love how long clothes last for this girl – she’s still wearing 12 month zippies!

But fitting diapers around her waist in proportion to her height has become a difficulty with her night time diaper, as she still wets a lot at night and you’ve got to find that right balance of fluff and stuff to make sure you can make it through the night.

I’ve been loving the Funky Fluff Bamboo line (both the 1.0 and 2.0s) because the bamboo liner and inserts are extremely thirsty. Parched. When she started to leak out through her ‘tried and true’ night time diapers that had been working for us for over 12 months, I tried the Bamboo Fusion 1.0’s and was immediately relieved! After stripping and repairing velcro (the next step was re-doing elastic that I really don’t think needs it), I was almost ready to try ‘sposies. 
Admittedly I was a little apprehensive when the 2.0 version dropped the double gusset feature (because she’s also a side sleeper) but I quickly learned that it wasn’t the double gusset that was saving my biscuits in the middle of the night – it was that awesome bamboo material! Zero leaks and no changes through out the night = a well rested Penny and this preggy mama.

Our night time diaper solution is a Funky Fluff Bamboo Fusion 2.0 stuffed with one heavy duty bamboo soaker or a light bamboo soaker with booster.

And while I have your ear can I tell you how much I love the soakers? They are SO dense yet thin – they are by far my favorite stuffer for diapers because they hold so much liquid.

And now, a bit from Gretchen …
Before Max was born, I thought I knew almost everything about cloth diapers. I mean, I’d cloth diapered Jemma for 34 months and gone through many successes and failures as we narrowed down what worked best for us. Then I had a son and I began the learning curve all over again!
Max is almost 17 months and is about to tip the scales at 32 pounds. Pretty much the opposite of Bianca’s petite Penny. If I’ve learned anything about diapering both a son and daughter, I’ve learned that they pee different (obviously) and this therefore, requires different features to adequately do their job. Funky Fluff covers the gamut thanks to their bamboo lining and inserts in their 3-in-1 system.

It’s definitely hard to find cloth diapers that do their job for chubbier babies. I need a high rise to prevent top leaks and large enough leg elastic that hold without leaving marks. Right now Max wears his Funky Fluff on the widest waist setting. But I’m not worried about outgrowing our Fluff since he’s really starting to run and will most likely gain more height and less weight in the coming year.
I won’t speak too much to the thirst of the bamboo – Bianca sang that praise – but I will say that we too ALWAYS opt for an extra stuffed Funky Fluff 2.0 for naps and long car rides. I will add that there is nothing softer than a bamboo diaper. So, between the amazing absorbancy and the gentle fabric, I pretty much want our whole stash of diapers to be filled with Funky Fluff’s bamboo 2.0 diapers.
My only hope and recommendation for Funky Fluff is that they’ll launch a trainer/pull-up cloth diaper design by the time we’re ready for that transition. I would LOVE to see a pull-up design with bamboo inside and PUL outside … maybe even a bamboo padded underwear. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Ready to add some Funky Fluff to your cloth diaper stash? We couldn’t encourage you more – you won’t be disappointed! You can purchase the Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System 2.0 here, or consider saving with the purchase of a bundle. Still on the fence? Maybe consider a Starter Kit so you can compare the bamboo and stay dry options while testing out the reinforcing soakers and boosters.
And now, what you’ve all been holding your breath for … the amazing giveaway to celebrate the launch of the 2.0 version of the Funky Fluff Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System! Funky Fluff is giving away a 10 pack of the 2.0 in your choice of boy, girl or gender neutral colors. Ohmygoodness, amazing, right?
Enter below and share within your social media circles with #funky10pack … we can’t wait to announce a winner! What a wonderfully fluffy new year one lucky mama and baby will have!

What color/pattern of Funky Fluff is your most favorite?
Disclosure: That Mama Gretchen, The Pierogie Mama and participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see the giveaway’s terms and conditions for full set of rules. The winner will be notified via the email provided and will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email before a new winner is chosen.
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  1. Sam Lanham says

    Love the teal and orange, good to know this would work for my tall, skinny, side sleeping, boy.

  2. R2p2 says

    I love their grey/blue and blue/grey combos. I want to see the orange & teal in person, though. That one might be a new favorite.

  3. Leigh MacKenzie says

    just ordered the Teal and lime combo, the purple and green/Birds are our favourite so far though

  4. Caitlin Gramley says

    It's so hard to choose just one! I like the bubbles and the brown and blue and the orange and…

  5. Andrea R says

    I love the teal and lime combo. A close second is the birds print (I've got that one as a wetbag). I love that the snaps are different colours.

  6. Sarah G. says

    I love the teal, lime green and orange dipes! I really want to try these for my chunky little nine month old boy! So cute!

  7. Amy Franz says

    I love the orange/turquoise and the black/silver. These are so adorable, I love the color combinations!!

  8. Becki Witherow says

    I love the gray and blue. Im not normally a fan of gray diapers, but the blue contrasts perfectly!

  9. Amy Mitchell says

    We love bamboo diapers, and would love to try these out! Your recommendation is worth a lot in my book :) The teal & lime are adorable – gender neutral options!

  10. Victoria Wollf says

    Interesting they chose to drop the extra gussets in their 2.0 model not a move I hear of often, Really cool to hear it hasn't hindered the diaper's ability in the least. Really appreciate the action shots on two different (but equally adorable) models :) Gives a much better sense of how the fluff works

  11. Ashley P says

    I love the orange with turquoise, but if they had a green with blue snaps, that would run first place in my book!

  12. catherine tyrrell says

    i love the chocolate brown with blue. FunkyFluff's are my absolute favourite cloth diapers!! they are amazing ^_^

  13. Amanda Zwak says

    I love the owl funky fluff we have. we just started using them but totally agree with you gretchen!

  14. Gabrielle says

    I love the double openings! That seems like it would make washing so much easier. Maybe then I wouldn't have to unstuff when I wash! I would love to win this!

  15. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Exactly right! No unstuffing which is AWESOME! The inserts just wiggle out in the wash.

  16. Tarnna says

    This is a great review, I'm due in July so reading about all the different cloth diaper options to save as much moola as possible!

  17. Cassondra Del Rio says

    honestly, i am NOT a fan of any of the two prints. but, i cannot, absolutely cannot, find a favorite color combo. those colorful snaps always add that pop of fun!

  18. Heidi says

    I like the two greens and the pretty blue. I think they are all beautiful gender neutral colors!

  19. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says

    ooh good question, I like the purple with green snaps and I just love the shade of blue!

  20. Keara B. says

    I just love the Teal and Lime combo! But the Black and Silver is pretty cool too… I've never owned a black cloth diaper!

  21. Gabrielle Dennison says

    The blue and silver is very pretty. Though I'm partial to anything orange….

  22. Stacy T. says

    The birds pattern is adorable! I just started cloth diapering and have already determined that I don't care for microfiber inserts, I'm liking my natural fibers more. So excited that they have bamboo inserts!

  23. Heather Roscoe says

    I love the Black and Silver and the Teal and Lime Green. It is hard to choose just one colour for Funky Fluff.

  24. AmberHall says

    I'm moving overseas soon (military) just before baby is born. Not sure where yet! Should I start stocking up on Cloth Diapers now or after I move? Is it easier to get them in US or Japan? Guam? Europe? SHould I start buying detergent, make my own, or is all the fretting for nothing?

  25. ThatMamaGretchen says

    This is totally a guess, but I think you'd find some good options Europe, probably more wool and good options in Japan because a lot of cloth diapers are manufactured in China. If you order from US companies though you'll probably pay quite a bit in shipping :( I'd probably stock up now so you don't have to worry about it later. With detergent I love Rockin' Green – it has worked the best for me! I'm pretty sure they ship to APOs, so maybe order one bag, try it out and then you'll know if you want to stick with that or try something different :)