Jemma Says

It seems we’re starting to use our brother to accomplish what WE want …

I think Max wants to watch some Kee-sa (Curious) George. He wants some cereal too … on the couch, ok? You want that, right Max? Tell mama. Mama, Max says “YES!”
Max is making boy sounds and Jemma responds …
You are such a noisy dinosaur!
I think I’ll do the picking up with my toes because my body is so tired.
As we drive past Buffalo Wild Wings …
Wook! It’s butterfly wings! That’s me and Daddy’s store!

While shopping at Trader Joe’s …
Let’s buy a cake for Jesus’ birthday!
And so we picked out brownie mix and have fabulous plans to make them and add sprinkles :)
Words from the backseat …
Max! Don’t pick my nose!
While I was changing Max’s diaper. Which apparently is a family affair …
What’s called Max’s bottom? Oh, I know! That’s Max’s wittle peanut! It’s so funny and wobbly!
Jemma fell off the mini slide we keep in the living room and bit her lip. This resulted in a lot of blood – ohmygoodness, I hate mouth wounds. Once the tears subsided she said …

My teeth are hurting so bad, but I fink chocolate cake makes them feel better.

So, yes, we gave her some chocolate cake before bed. She even woke up once after falling asleep and asked for another bite because her teeth were still hurting, so I obliged. And thus, found chocolate crumbs on her pillow the next morning :) Then, after waking …

My teeth feel all better! I don’t need any chocolate cake today.

At least we’re honest!

And my most favorite … whenever Jemma is talking about Dominic and I collectively, instead of calling us her parents she calls us “MamaDad” – like we’re one joined unit :)

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  1. says

    gage once fell off the back of the couch when he was around two and a half. once he calmed down he told me that the only thing that would make him feel better was icecream. but only ice cream with lots of sprinkles. :)

  2. says

    "Max! Don't pick my nose!" I just about died laughing! I love this stage!

  3. says

    hunter calls it 'buffawin wyman wings.' :)