What Max Thinks

 Bubs isn’t quite talking yet. He’s signing (all done, more, waving) and says little words and phrases (ma miiii – mama milk, thank oo – thank you, mama, dada, emmie – Jemma), oh and the grunts and sound effects are alive and well, but we’re not to full verbal conversations yet. So, Max leaves me to my imagination most days and this is what I hear …

A meal isn’t deemed delicious until I rub the grubby goodness into my hair.

Mama is my best friend, always has been, always will be. She can never leave me.

Anything above 65 degrees means I’m super duper sweaty.

Walking is awesome, walk/running at superhero speed is even more awesome. Add laughter and life is perfect.

My sister’s hair is the most awesome toy to play with, especially the sound effects when I pull really hard.

Being handsome is a prerequisite to each and every day.

Attempting to nurse in tons of wacky position is my Olympic sport of choice – watch me go upside down, while crawling, in the tub, I’ve pretty much got it all covered!

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  1. says

    hahaa, this made me giggle! As did the cute little "grumpy" instagram that showed up as I was reading on the right! Of him in that red shirt :P Priceless~

  2. says

    Yep, that grumpy one is my daily dose of laughter!