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Jemma “decorated” May 2013 of my planner and later fell in love with her birthday dot paints

When I’m at home all day with the sweet bambinos I find myself saying interesting things. Things I wouldn’t have said 2 years ago when working in an office setting. This is the lingo of my new job. There’s definitely a learning curve to this language, but I’m gaining more and more effectiveness each day. Here are some of the awesome phrases I’ve caught myself saying. Yes, I’ve actually said these things out loud … in a serious voice … because this is my real life.

Feet do not go on computers.

Where is Jemma? Where is she? As she covers her eyes and hysterically laughs.

Sit on your bottom. ON. YOUR. BOTTOM.

Come share Mama’s pillow and close eyes.

Peanut butter is not for your hair.

From the shower. Jemma, follow my voice. Come find mama. She throws back the curtain and we high five over her hide and seek success.

You’re the best dishwasher-unloader in the world!

Is Poppy Cat your friend?

Is Caillou your boyfriend?

Say goodbye to the stink. As we flip and flush diaper poo. She waves and says, “Bye, bye poo”.

Keep the cereal in your bowl. The snowman isn’t hungry.

Trikes don’t go up the stairs.

Be careful with Max. Be gentle. Give him kisses. I briefly turn around. Take your feet off of Max’s face!

I need you to walk. Use your legs, honey!

Use your whisper voice. It’s like this “shhhhhh”.

What have you said lately that has made you laugh, roll your eyes, or cringe?
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  1. says

    Hahaha, I can pretty much say I have said similar things many times. My most popular is "Be nice to your baby brother!" or "We don't color the table!" I have a 23 month old daughter and 3 month old son so I basically have the same exact life :) Loved this post!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I remember that post – love it! I can't wait for Jem to start chattering more so I can log her funny things like you do for Gage :)

  3. Diana OP says

    LOL. These are great! I say "chairs are for sitting," "quiet voice sister is sleeping," and "hands out of your diaper" more times than I care to ;)

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I've said all those things too! Especially the "quiet, brother is sleeping" … she is getting much better at her whisper voice :) I've been kind of impressed!

  5. Anonymous says

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