When Bed Rest Happens … A DIY Bed Rest Package For Your Friends

A few months ago a dear friend of mine was on pregnancy bed rest. So lame, but oh so important to her and baby’s health. I wasn’t close by so I couldn’t stop by with dinner or cookies or take her son for an afternoon, so instead, I packed up a surprise box of goodies and mailed it off to her. 

I mean, if I was on bed rest. I would want mail. And what’s even better than mail? A package that comes in the mail!

The little poem/note I wrote matched up with the surprises inside … 

Being pregnant is never a cake walk (dreamies creme-filled cakes), but you are BRAVE (fruit snacks)! Don’t forget to stay hydrated (coconut water), eat lots of protein (Balance bar, summer sausage and cheese), get extra (gum) rest, and give yourself a treat (magazines, journal, earrings, mug/cocoa, and lip gloss) every now and again! Wipe those tears (kleenex), dear friend, and just keep swimming (goldfish)!

I added some personal sentiments at the end too and mailed it off in one of those flat rate USPS boxes where weight doesn’t matter.

Here’s a list of all the words I capitalized on …

  • Cake | I mailed this right after the Hostess debacle, hence the Dreamies cakes
  • Brave | You know how fruit snacks always have Disney or cartoon themes? Yep, I found Brave movie ones
  • Coconut water | The best hydrating power according to my midwife
  • Protein | I wanted things that a) wouldn’t perish and b) took no kitchen preparation
  • Extra | The Extra brand of hum
  • Treat | Here’s where you can really personalize your package with what your particular friend loves
  • Tears | Mini tissue pack
  • Swimming | Mini pack of Goldfish crackers
Have you ever been on bed rest? Cared for a friend or family member who was? Did it stink as much as I imagine? How did your friends and family brighten your days? Oh dear, that’s a lot of questions! Anyways, chime in with your thoughts and I pray you and your loved ones are never sequestered to bed for more than a solid night of the best dreams.
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  1. Laura Burns says

    I love this post! Your note was awesome, too! I've done similar things for my preggo friends, but they lived closer, so years and years of saving Easter baskets helped with the pretty!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Easter baskets are a GREAT idea! I'll have to watch for pretty ones this coming year!

  3. says

    You are awesome. I'll bet your friend LOVED getting this. I couldn't imagine being on bed rest, especially now that I have other kiddies to care for. I'll keep this in mind for sure next time I hear of someone who is put on it. Thanks for the sweet idea.

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I couldn't imagine it either! She was on bedrest for 15 weeks :( Baby arrived healthy though, so obviously worth it!