Hypnobabies | Week 1 | Buffalo of Peace

Learning to Create Positive Childbirth
One of my biggest take aways from this week was the power of words. Words are amazing. They can convey beauty, hurt, pain; they are one of our greatest tools in sharing emotion. Many words associated with birth have negative associations and Hypnobabies hits the nail on the head when they encourage mamas to translate many birth words into a more positive form. For example …

  • Instead of fetus, say BABY
  • Instead of delivery, use BIRTH
  • Refer to those at my birth as people ATTENDING. They aren’t delivering or birthing my baby … only I can do that.
  • Dominic is my BIRTH PARTNER, not just my husband
  • Instead of having contractions, I’ll experience PRESSURE WAVES or BIRTH SENSATIONS
  • Instead of labor, which sounds harsh and strenuous, I’ll be calling it my BIRTHING TIME which is a great celebration
  • Instead of pain, I’m going to focus on saying DISCOMFORT
  • My due date is more like a GUESS DATE

Alot of verbiage related to pregnancy and birth can be manipulated into a positive phrase rather than a negative one. I’m going to ask Dominic to focus on this during my birth — say, “Do your best to relax right now” versus “Don’t tense up”. Makes total sense, doesn’t it?


This week also covered the history of hypnosis which I found very helpful. I’ve heard such great things about Hynobabies, but I still feel a bit weary surrounding the whole hypnosis aspect. Learning more about it, that it actually gives me greater control, has been good. I’m feeling much more confident in going this route. Now I just need to maximize my quiet time during the day by practicing with my CDs! Easier said than done.

To focus on positive, powerful words, my goal is to swell on this statement each day:

Focus only on what I want, and not what I want to avoid, so that my mind will have plenty of postivie food on which to feed in creating my beautiful birth. My mind works backwards and will create that which I dwell upon most.
Tonight I’m listen to the Pregnancy Affirmations (well, I’m trying to do this every day) and Dominic is going to read me the “Bubble of Peace” script while I close my eyes … well, except for that I asked him if he would read it and he thought I said “Buffalo of Peace” and cracked up laughing saying he didn’t think Hypnobabies was a good idea if they referred to pregnant mamas as buffalos.

 He did say that I was his favorite buffalo though :) 

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  1. says

    Aww I am so glad you have posted about this, I am waiting for my CDs to arrive and at 28 weeks I was wondering if I haven't given myself a chance to actually take all of the information on board.I am excited to start the process though. Plus I loved your wedges in your next post – so much admiration for you, I couldn't imagine wedges with my ankles!!Natalie x

  2. Jennifer de Cupcake says

    In response to "Instead of having contractions, I'll experience PRESSURE WAVES or BIRTH SENSATIONS" I'm stoked you didn't call them "hugs" as I've heard in other birthing circle. That's a little too crunchy for this mama! My word of choice was "Surge" a jolt of sensation that leaves eventually. And you're right! you are the only one who can deliver that baby! you're going to do great!!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Surge is totally a good word!Hugs … not so much. lol

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It definitely takes some devotion to work through it, but you totally have enough time! I've carved out time about every other day for my actual hypnosis practice … I need to get better on that!