Getting To Know Our Food Source

Jemma is almost 4 and sometimes I fear that she believes her food comes from the refrigerator.

And it does. But a lot leads up to the fridge. Amiright?

So, with our recent beef purchase and preschool appropriate conversation of how it came to be in our freezer, I decided it was high time we began exploring other food sources.

To the blueberry fields we went … photo 1

photo 2And then to the farm where our eggs are laid …   chickensAnd the garden where we are blessed to get free veggies on occasion … photo 2

photo 3

a gardenNext I’d like to venture to an orchard for some tree fruit picking and a dairy farm to see those lovely lady milk makers.

Have you had conversations and/or field trips with your littles about their food source? Where have you gone? Has it helped you resolve any picky eater issues? I’m still holding my breath for that!

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  1. says

    We have a vege patch in our backyard so I hope that is going to help the issue. Definitely some farm trips are a great idea.

  2. says

    That's great! I'm sure they loved visiting those places. We are starting to grow our own food, hopefully more so every year, so our kids are getting into the action that way. They love collecting eggs and picking berries. I know once we start harvesting our own meat, that won't be as much fun, but I certainly think that connection with our food is very important. Great job getting them involved!