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Jemma’s very first pair of jellys arrived in the mail last week and she’s been wearing them nonstop. Thus, we documented 3 days of Jelly Bean fashion to share with you in today’s Mini Style File. Talk about a versatile shoe!

Nothing like a walk to the park in some comfy play clothes for some pre-lunch fun. The playground is obviously a version of toddler pre-funk, right? Their debut on the yellow slide deemed these pink jellys a favorite shoe for outdoor adventures.
Dancing, prancing, snacking and waving. Dare I say, Jemma was the cutest girl at the parade?
Around the corner from our house is a darling fruit stand with a bounty of local produce. It’s one of Jemma’s favorite places to visit, so of course, she had to wear her jellys there! She rode her little push bike the whole way … well, all except for the part when she opted to push her bike :)
Can you guess which outfit Jemma picked out without supervision? The last one – all her favorite colors … an explosion of pink and purple and strrrrrrrrripes! Oh, this almost 3 year old is a real treat.
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  1. Marybeth says

    We love the look of Jelly's! They're very popular among my partner's family, and his grandmother has given us a few pairs. Unfortunately they do tend to give T blisters, but they're so cute I kind of encourage her to wear them anyway with bandaids to prevent them. Haha.

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ooo, blisters :( We haven't run into any yet! Jemma's feet are pretty slender so I wonder if that plays into them not rubbing anywhere …