Let’s Live In This Room

We are days away from closing on the new house. Well, it could still be a month, but in the grand scheme of our “moving into a home of our own” endeavor, a month is only 30 days. Be still my heart. I cannot wait and am crossing my fingers that the budget will allow a few pieces beyond the needed fridge and washer/dryer.
To put my dreams into action and to convince Dominic of my “vision”. I have been piecing together some inspiration boards for each room in our home. First up … the living room.
World Market rug ($200), chair ($270) and accent ladder ($90) | Costco sofa ($850) | Behind My Picket Fence throw ($240) | Rejuvenation lamp ($510) | Naptime Diaries verse print ($14) | Oana Befort bouquet print ($30)
Did you catch what was missing in the little shop-along caption? The barn window! Ruthy over at Discovery Street is moving into a new home and I scooped up the barn window from her home decor/furniture sale. YAY! I can’t wait to hang it in my new living room. Even better than the barn window deal was getting to meet Ruthy in person – I love that true friends are made through this crazy little blog world! I have a vision for it above an antique dresser I have. I wish I could find a Pinterest photo of what’s in my brain, but alas, nothing is out there. Once I get it done, I’ll have to pin it myself :)
This is what I’m thinking of with the ladder …
A living room isn’t complete without family photos …
And, in honor of my Grammy, I want to scribe “It is well with my soul”, her favorite hymn, similar to this …
Still on my list are finding a coffee table that doubles as storage, some funky couch pillows (I may try to make my own, but want to round up some inspiration) and an entertainment center that has doors to hide to TV. Have any ideas?
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  1. Nicole(Whole Strides says

    I think that's super cute! Very welcoming!

  2. Carey Penn says

    i love your style! i've been going back and forth between throwing my tv out the window and finding a way to hide it when we're not watching, so i can't wait to see what your solution is. :)

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I can't wait either … I'm leaning towards a hutch with doors type of thing, but haven't found a good one yet. I've got my eyes peeled!

  4. Lori Crooks says

    Love all of this! I can't wait to see the finished product! I might have to steal your rug idea, since my couch is very similar. ;-)

  5. says

    So cute Gretchen! Ooh, I'd be interested in hearing input on an entertainment center that hides the TV. We want to do the same thing!

  6. Jordan Baez says

    love love love! any luck finding similar table lamps?

  7. ThatMamaGretchen says

    No luck yet … although, I haven't done much shopping since I found that one. Trying to hold off until we're in the house and I know what my shopping budget is :)

  8. says

    Love your colorful design choices! I LOVE that teal chair! But I probably wouldn't get a chair that color past my hubs!!!! I have been making some changes recently in our living room, too, and have pinterest inspiration boards, too! Oh, and you can totally handle making your own pillows! So much less expensive and so many more options for creative styles and using piping (I'm in LOVE with piping recently) etc!

  9. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I showed Dominic and asked if my dreams were realistic when it came to the feel/design – he didn't baulk at the chair which surprised me! I helped a friend make a pillow for her mom over Christmas – it turned out super cute! We used a a duck cloth type of material and just did a pocket closure instead of a zipper. Super fast and easy! I found two brand new Euro sham fillers at Goodwill the other day so those will be the ones I start with :)

  10. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Absolutely! We close 2/15 (hopefully) and then we'll have to get something on the calendar!

  11. says

    Loving that you are doing lots of functional but beautiful ideas