Style File | If I Wasn’t Wearing Yoga Pants

It’s been a long time since I’ve whipped up a true Style File and frankly, it will probably be a while longer until I get back into my groove of real outfits and leaving the house. I’ve had some real clothing days for church (that’s usually when I take my Fabulous Fall Scarf Tour pics), but other  than that I’m a bona fide yoga mama.
But, if I wasn’t wearing yoga pants I’d be more than happy to don some of the spiffy duds from Joules. Wait … you haven’t heard of them? That’s probably cause they’re from the grand UK! And it’s true – they are grand. I mean, just check out two of my favorite outfits (and one for Miss Jem too!).
Take me away, dear husband! 
I’d love to head out to one of our favorite restaurants, walk along the water hand in hand and find ourselves by a fireplace sipping a cozy drink and whispering about life. That’s exactly what I’d do if I was wearing this …
dress | necklace | sweater
If I was brave enough, I’d pack up the littles and march out the door to the market. Most likely it would be raining, or at least drizzling, so boots would be a must. I’m in love with these untraditional rain boots. Plus. how could I ever say no to a blouse with geese all over it?
top | purse | pants | boots

Virtual shopping just isn’t the same if you leave out the kiddos. I could have easily found something for Dominic and Max in Joules mens and boys sections too, but for today … Jemma is the winner with this DARLING outfit. I mean, how can you go wrong with a bag that matches your wellies? The perfect place to stash our market finds while splashing in puddles to and from the car. Yes, life with a toddler is grand!
hat | boots | backpack | tunic | leggings

One of these days I’ll tuck my yoga pants into the back of my drawers and be back with some real life Style Files. Until then carry on without me and don’t hesitate to pop over to Joules and swoon over their Fall collections. I obviously did :) They ship to over 30 countries and offer easy returns and exchanges so don’t let the UK base scare you a bit!

This post was sponsored by Joules, but all opinions are my own. I mean, how can you not love this stuff?
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