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Hi, I am Libby from Libby’s Life! I am a stay at home mom to my son, Zane and wife to my hard working husband, James. I am just trying to be a good mom to my little man and help him grow into a great person. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s the best thing ever but I know that I am doing what I was meant to be doing. So basically I am living my dream and blogging so that I can document the good, the bad and the ugly times of being a mommy to a one year old.

LynnDi Design is co-owned by two sisters – Alicia and Trisha. Both sisters loved crafting and had perfected a few items which led to LynnDi Design opening their Etsy shop in February 2010. The main items currently for sale are adorable baby shoes and beautiful clutches. LynnDi Design loves to do custom orders for their customers and are always creating new designs.
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Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth. We aim to help parents and teachers encourage children to bond with the Earth in a relationship of love, respect, and intelligent cooperation, through the books we publish and the educational materials we offer online.
MamaSan Maternity Apparel is an alternative maternity clothing line for the Rockin’ soon-to-be-mommy who has a distinctive style to preserve during and after pregnancy!
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