Happy Birthday, Max!

I can’t write much more than, “Happy Birthday”, lest I collapse into a pile of mama tears. This havin’ kids thing makes me so sentimental! We’re heading downtown for lunch and a park visit to celebrate. Jemma requested that we ride the bus so we’ll probably park and ride from lunch to the playground.  Tonight, we’ll have a little family dinner. The real party is being saved for Sundae … yep, Sundae … we’re hosting an ice cream social for Max!
So, my dear boy … Happy Birthday! The day you were born was one of the happiest days of my life. I love you. I love you forever, my little man.

  Photo by the lovely Christine of LCS Photography
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  1. Bri says

    Aww… happy birthday to sweet Max! I will be joining you with my baby boy turning one next Thursday! Where did the time go?!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Isn't it? I felt that way big time when Gage started going to school – I'm like … where have all the babies gone!?!