Jemma Jones

Last Spring Jemma’s Aunt Kiki submitted a photo of Jemma to Jones Soda. Having a photo chosen for Jones Soda has been one of those to-dos on her bucket list. Along with skydiving, visiting all 7 continents (and yes, she already has Antarctica covered), and a mass of other crazy things.

Around May we received notice that Jemma’s photo was a “staff pick” and would go on to the next round. YAY!

Then there was a round of voting.

Then, nothing. For months.

Yesterday, a letter arrived. And in it was 4 bottle labels and a super fabulous congratulations letter. Jemma’s picture has been chosen to appear on the next run of Jones Soda’s Zero Calorie ZILCH Black Cherry Soda … oh. my. word.

Keep your eye out for my famous little girl – bottles will be hitting grocery store shelves soon!

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  1. says


  2. SadieDear says

    I'm with Tricia. I think I am seriously crazy with Jones-Soda-envy now. How cool! I'll need to make sure and keep my eye out (I don't usually go near the soda aisles, but I can make an exception for sweet Jemma).

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yes! Do keep your eye out … I haven't seen it on the shelves yet!


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