When Clearance is Cheaper Than Thrifting

I almost hate writing this because thrifting is so freakin’ fabulous. But let me tell you, when Value Village tries to charge me $8.99 for a maternity shirt from 2003 I have to shake my head and wait around for 50% off holiday Monday. Feel me?

I mean, if it is really super cool, I won’t pass it up. Even if it is $8.99. But you better bet your britches that I have a 20% off coupon from a recent VV donation. Because, that’s right, you don’t even have to pay full price at the thrift shop.

Anyways, I’m hear to tell ya that sometimes the clearance rack can offer a better deal than the thrift store. Don’t believe me … check out the awesomeness below and you will no longer be a doubter.

Here’s my recent Old Navy adventure …

Sale price: $2.99
marked additional 30% off
10% off customer service survey coupon
TOTAL: $1.88
Sale price: $4.47
marked additional 30% off
10% off customer service survey coupon
TOTAL: 2.82
Sale price: $3.49
marked additional 30% off
10% off customer service survey coupon
TOTAL: $2.20

On most days it seems like kid’s tops range from $1.99-$4.99 at thrift stores, so you can see why this is a pretty super deal for brand spankin’ new!

And then, I was wandering through Target, because, obviously, and I found this for brother …

Sale price: $2.10

Old Navy and Target are where I usually find the better-than-thrifting deals. Sometimes Gap. Sometimes H&M. It isn’t guaranteed and you have to resist the temptation to splurge on the $34.99 dress that makes you look super hott, but it can be done!  

A few notes …

  • Clearance almost never trumps garage sales – those are always going to win. Especially since you can bargain there.
  • The next 50% off day at Value Village is tomorrow – Monday the 25th! All clothing, shoes, accessories, and bed/bath are 1/2 off. WOOHOO!
Have you scored a recent clearance deal … or even a thrifting or garage sale one? Please share! I’ll try my hardest not to be envious of your deal :)
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  1. says

    I agree! Sometimes clearance is just the way to go, I love searching the clearance racks at Old Navy and Target.

  2. Anonymous says

    We have a savers, where I will also be going Monday for 50% day. I am hoping to stock up on fall things for my almost 2 year old. Unfortunately savers (and I'm assuming vv since they are te same) has upped their prices recently! Ugh! I also love the goodwill $1 bins!Heather R

  3. says

    For boys I would definitely agree 100%! Unfortunately for some reason boys are much much harder on their clothes and most things don't make it to the thrift/consignment stores. I'm always so sad to see such a tiny selection in the boys area. So I am always buying clearanced stuff for my 3 little men. Target and Old Navy are awesome….Kohls can be really good too! I got Carter 4-5 summer shirts last fall (to wear this summer) for less than $2 each after discount coupons I get in the mail. Totally worth it!

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yep – garage sales have been super tough for boy things. Very well loved items :) Clearance has been the way to go!

  5. says

    man i wish i could find anything anywhere but that is very rarely the case.

  6. Songbirdsandbuttons says

    I totally agree – sometimes sale shopping is cheaper. And we ALWAYS shop the sale rack, I can't remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing for anyone in our house that was full price. We love target and old navy too! And sometimes you can score some pretty good coupons from target.com to use on their sale items as well! I've gotten so many free or cheap clothes from there! love these thrifty posts! xo.

  7. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I just signed up for the Target mobile app because there is a $3 off coupon any piece of Mossimo clothing this week! And, my favorite tanks are on sale for $6. With the coupon that's $3 for a tank – woohoo!