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I have a confession to make – I can’t swim.

I took swim lessons and learned like everyone else when I was in grade school, but then I pretty much forgot. So, if you tossed me in a body of water I’m pretty sure I would sink. Part of it is mental. I don’t like having water in my eyes and I get a wee bit nervous if I think about not being able to touch the bottom. 

All this to say – I really REALLY don’t want to pass on my non-swimming-ness to my children. Hence, Jem and I are off to explore the pool tomorrow with a few friends! 

We decided not enroll in lessons since our littles are all between one and two years old and all the class times offered conflicted with nap time. You don’t mess with toddler nap time. No siree. So, us mamas are embarking on our own, aiming to encourage water fun and safety. We’ll kick around, blow some bubbles, and practice back floating. Then, we’ll call it good, dry off, and grab coffee or frozen yogurt together :)

We hope to make it a weekly or at least bi-weekly activity this summer. Hopefully the weather will warm up so we can enjoy some outdoor water play soon too!

For those of you enjoying (or enduring) the summer heat I’m excited to share about GrUVyWear. I’ve been researching the harm of sun exposure and the options for protection and am so excited about clothing that can play a role in keeping my family safe when we’re out in the sun. GrUVyWear specializes in fashionable, fun, UV protective swim wear that offers a UPF of 50+, blocking over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Sounds like a winner to me … and Jemma agrees!

Use code SAVE1523 before July 15th to save 15% off your GrUVyWear purchase and wish Jem and I luck as we splish and splash around tomorrow!

I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. SadieDear says

    Totally enduring around here. I hate the heat! Before the solstice, our weather was perfect. June 22 rolled around, and BAM! It was 100 degrees outside. Yucky! As for swimming? I love swimming, and so does Buck! But my kiddo hates to get water on his head with a passion- always has been that way. Seriously, from birth. For the longest time, he hated bath time. Soooo…. that to say that the jury is out on whether or not he will take to it.

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Jem doesn't love water in her face either … I don't see diving or dunking in her future. Just hoping she'll get comfortable with water. Her last pool experience was not a happy one :(