Go Green in 2014 GIVEAWAY!

I’m so happy to be a part of this HUGE giveaway! Scroll down to take a peek at the sponsors and and enter the Rafflecopter …

The Go Green in 2014 Giveaway is here! 
This is the year to finally kick things into gear and follow through with your family’s resolution to go green. All you have to do is make small changes like buying organic and eco-friendly products for your family. We want to help you out so we’ve put together the biggest and best Go-Green giveaway!
We have 24 amazing eco-friendly brands coming together to give you a chance to win unique, innovative organic and green gifts for baby, kids and even mom! ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive ALL PRIZES! Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you. 
The giveaway begins February 3, 2014 and will end February 28th, 2014. Entering is easy and can be done below via our Rafflecopter below the prizes listed on this page the more points you earn the better chance you have to win! Please share with friends and family and good luck! Scroll below the entry form to get more info on our wonderful sponsors!




So what are the AMAZING prizes? Here are the Participating Brands (Giveaway Open to U.S. Residents Only): 
 Mod’Swad Eco-Friendly Baby Swaddle (by Woombie)mod-swad 
Karen Barski, mom of five, 19 year RN and creator of the Woombie baby swaddle, is now offering a line of ecoífriendly baby swaddles called ModíSwad. ModíSwad is an upscale, ecoífriendly and functional baby swaddle made from beautiful organic fabrics including heathered bamboo, Muslin, Cotton and 100% Australian Merino Wool. Also, the new baby swaddle design has a fashionable knot to customize length as baby grows. www.woombie.com/MOD_4_cat.html  
So Young Blue Bicycle Large Cooler Bag soyoung 
SoYoung products strive to add beauty to the every day moments of life. We like clean design and ultra functionality. We like being prepared for surprises. And we thrive on the pursuit of possibility and watching an idea blossom into reality. www.soyoung.ca  
The Wipes Pouch (by The Diaper Clutch) thediaperclutch 
The eco-friendly pouch features a front zipper that opens for quick, one-handed access to wipes. When you’re done with your wipes, just close the front zipper so they stay clean and to keep the wipes from drying out. The handy top zipper allows for easy refilling of wipes so you never have to bring a large, bulky package of wipes with you again. You can carry just enough wipes for your quick outing and the next time you’re ready to go out, it just takes a few seconds to refill your pouch. The Wipes Pouch decreases bulk and makes life on the go easier and cleaner. www.thediaperclutch.com  
spbang Reusable Snack Bag spbang 
spbang launched at ABC Kids Expo in October 2013. A mom with a ‘job 1’ in the automotive industry was tired of tossing ziploc bags daily. She then moved onto reusable fabric snack bags but they would stink like yesterday’s lunch and would never come truly clean. Using automotive material and processes, spbang reusable snack bags are FDA food touch safe and free from lead, BPA and phthalates. Best part is you toss them in the dishwasher at the end of the day and they are ready for tomorrow. www.spbang.com  
Natural Child World Magazine   ncw-magazine 
NCW Magazine is a multimedia platform for the eco-conscious modern family who appreciate style and the beautiful things in life. The #1 resource for parents who want to make better choices for themselves and the people they love the most without sacrificing the things they love the most.
NCW was born with the ambition to inspire positive change in a new generation of parents that today are facing educational but also ecological and social challenges. From design in Copenhagen to fashion in New York, to lifestyle and well-being around the globe, NCW Magazine offers a global look at sustainable living in the modern world. Winner receives a free subscription for one year!
Rockin’ Green rockingreen 
Rockiní Green laundry soap is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. Rockin Green products are made with a biodegradable plant-based and petroleum-free surfactant. They are septic and grey-water safe. They are never tested on animals. www.rockingreensoap.com  
BuzzyÆ technology combines tingly vibration and unique ice pack wings to instantly block sharp sensations on contact. Put it between the brain and any sharp, itching or burning pain, and presto! Using natural pain relief, Buzzy desensitizes your bodyís own nerves, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp injection pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps, or cool running water soothes a burn, BuzzyÆ crowds out pain by sending stronger motion and temperature sensations down the nerves instead. Independently verified Research shows it really works. www.buzzy4shots.com  
Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper lalabye 
Lalabye Baby is a modern cloth diapering company dreamed up by a mom with a vision! Desiring to combine a love for cloth diapers and a passion for design, Lalabye Baby was created to provide a high quality, safe, eco-friendly diaper at an affordable price. Along with our diapers, we hope to bring an awareness to the alarming amount of waste being produced by disposable diapers. www.lalabyebaby.com  
Teddy Needs a Bath teddy 
The first washer and dryer bag for kid’s and pet’s stuffed toys! Made of 100% Cotton, Eco Friendly, and comes in 2 sizes. Teddy Needs a Bath! aims to shed light on the importance of washing stuffed toys and provide an easy solution to the problem. Teddy Needs A Bath brings stuffed animals through the washer and dryer clean and fresh ñ and safe from dust mite allergen build up. * The 100% cotton bag keeps well-loved animals and other delicate washables from snagging or becoming misshapen during washing. http://www.teddyneedsabath.com  
San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow (the ONLY chemical-free nursing pillow on the market) sandiegobebe 
The mom-invented, eco-friendly nursing pillow that offers support, comfort, and discretion for mom and baby. For nearly 20 years we have been providing moms with the best Eco-Nursing pillows that allows a mother to comfortably nurse her baby in private while being the safest choice for the environment and safe for babies. San Diego BebeÆ Eco-Nursing Pillow is made with the unique and innovative Eco*Loft Fiber that is:
  • FREE of fire-retardant chemicals
  • Hypo-allergenic & non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable
  • Odor-free, glue-free
  • Foam-free, lead-free & Phthalate-free
  • Available in two sizes: one for a single baby and one for twins
At ChicoBag, our mission is to help humanity bag the single use habit. We mean the wasteful, throw-away habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans. We do this by advocating for waste reduction, and designing the highest quality, longest lasting reusable bags. We offer products that empower people to take an active role in solving the single-use problem. At ChicoBag, we make bagging the single-use habit easy. http://www.chicobag.com/  
Wee Urban Organic Clothing for Kids (Jessica Alba dresses her daughter in Wee Urban!) wee-urban 
Wee Urban offers the modern family a unique and fresh collection of baby gear and accessories that goes beyond the conventional and explores the exceptional! Tired of traditional pinks and blues and cute motifs, we offer sophisticated designs, conscious organic alternatives, practical functionality and superior quality. Using our custom certified organic cotton blends, low-impact dyes, and other trendsetting fabrics, we hope to inspire families to be make better choices and of course- do it all in urban style! www.weeurban.com  
Refresh-a-Baby refresh-a-baby 
A Diaper Bag Necessity! Refresh-a-Baby turns ordinary water bottles into baby bottles keeping baby happy anywhere, anytime making feeding time easy for moms and dads! Simply pop the leak free Refresh-a-Baby on a water bottle of your choice, just add baby formula, and baby is ready to be hydrated. *Fits on leading ìready-madeî formula/juice bottles *Made right here in the United States/BPA Free *Itís universal, reusable, convenient for travel, dishwasher safe, with virtually no clean up! *Refresh*Reuse*Recycle! www.refreshababy.com  
Girlie Glue girlieglue 
Girlie Glue is an all natural hair accessory glue used to stick bows on babies, earrings on ear lobes, bows on pets, and keep hair out of faces. It lasts all day and washes off easily with water. http://www.girlieglue.com  
ZizzyBee Bags – see-through, reusable bags zizzybee-bags 
ZizzyBee Bags are handy, compact, reusable, washable storage bags convenient for every part of your life. The neat freak in your family will love that they help you store and organize just about anything! From diapers/wipes, make-up and sports gear, to even purse clutter these trendy bags makes organization easy and theyíre see-through so you can easily find what youíre looking for. Reduce single-use bag waste while keeping lifeís clutter cleaned up. With two eco-friendly bag sizes to choose from, ZizzyBee Bags are a perfect fit for storage and organizational needs. www.zizzybeebags.com  
Oops! Undies (by Oops! Sheet, Inc.) oops 
 Oops! Sheet manufactures a line of waterproof cotton products designed to simplify parenthood. Our newest product is Oops! Undies – waterproof bamboo kids underwear. Oops! Undies look and feel just like regular underwear but have a waterproof layer for extra peace of mind. www.oopssheet.com  
GladRags   gladrags 
Inspired by the simple utility, earth-friendliness, and comfort of cloth diapers, GladRags was founded in 1993 in Portland, Oregon. It began as a home-based business that quickly outgrew the extra bedroom and moved to its own building. Today, GladRags is still a small company but with a big presence, promoting positive attitudes toward menstruation and making the environment a safer, cleaner place. GladRags can be found in health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide. http://www.gladrags.com  
Organic Baby Elephant Ears   baby-elephant-ears 
Support your baby in Style with Baby Elephant Ears. A multi-use head support pillow that can go wherever baby goes: stroller, bouncy, swing and carseat. It is offered with a coordinating blanket backed in luxurious cuddle fabric. www.babyelephantears.com  
Southern Yankee Vintage Pillowcase Apron   southernyankee 
I keep busy creating handmade items made with vintage linens and other up-cycled fabrics! I enjoy creating all sorts of new things with old things, all items are handmade by me in Wilton CT. For your future chef or artist, child-size aprons made from vintage pillowcases trimmed in bright colors! Each one come packaged in a cute, reusable container which can be used to hold all sorts of treasures! Please remember that vintage & vintage items are not mint, nor are they perfect, but they sure are full of old history and charm. Winner receives a Childís Vintage Pillowcase Apron. http://www.southernyankee.com  
Hello Homegrown (by Hello Beach) hellobeach 
Reap. Rinse. Reuse. Hello Homegrown. A market bag with purpose. What makes our eco earth friendly chic bags different? Benefits of using our garden/market bag over single use plastic product bags or other similar products: 1. for the first time your garden produce can be pre-rinsed directly through this container with moisture shaken off or hung to air-dry, 2. Less work for cashier and ease of shopping because produce is visible. 3. With a perforated/mesh bottom for straining or rinsing, it’s part bag, part colander. 4. Grocery bags can be a breeding ground for dangerous foodborne bacterias, our mesh bottom bag is intended for cleaning and rinsing. www.hello-beach.com  
Piggy Paint Glitter Girls Gift Set   piggypaint 
Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls. Its non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies. Piggy Paint dries to a hard, durable finish that can easily be removed with our eco-friendly, low odor Piggy Paint nail polish remover. Both are made in the USA! www.piggypaint.com  
Buti-Bag buti-pod   butibag 
Buti-bag aims to fulfill the need of moms everywhere seeking a items that are not only smart and versatile, but stylish as well. We create accessories for use by moms and kids in babyhood and beyond. Our uniquely designed Pods will keep your wet wipes moist for months instead of just days! Each buti pod is a soft and durable yet super-flexible and feather-light plastic pouch featuring a center zipper for easy wipes dispensing. Not only do they retain moisture in wet wipes of all kinds, they can also keep dry items DRY and organized, such as coupons, receipts and more. Similar in feel to a very thick ziploc bag, the are the best option to carry around those wipes for when you need them most. Made from environmentally-friendly EVA plastic, pods are recyclable and free from lead, BPA and phthalates. www.butibag.com  
Henri’s Reserve   henris copy 
 Henri’s Reserve is a one-of-a-kind e-boutique tapped into the delicious and secretive world of Boutique Champagnes from Franceís finest, privately owned estates. Henriís Reserve focuses exclusively on family estate-bottled, grower Champagnes that rarely make more than 10,000 cases/year. Winner receives a Fleury Carte Rouge Champagne. From one of a handful of biodynamic growers in Champagne, this rosÈ is smoky and spicy. “Pure pinot noir – deliciously redolent of orchard fruits & berries.” – Robert M. Parker, Jr. Perfect for an aperitif or for pairing with meats & egg dishes. www.henrisreserve.com 
TrueMoon   truemoon 
TrueMoon was started by women with a 20 year background in female self-esteem programs, who discovered that most women are unknowingly putting toxic chemicals in their bodies with most tampons. It happens because most of us are too embarrassed to even think about tampons, let alone talk about them. TrueMoon believes knowledge is both power and pride, and no woman should ever apologize for being female. www.MyTrueMoon.com 
NCW Magazine is a multimedia platform for the eco-conscious modern family who appreciate style and the beautiful things in life. The #1 resource for parents who want to make better choices for themselves and the people they love the most without sacrificing the things they love the most. http://naturalchildworld.com/
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