Style File: Thanks to SweetPea!

DAY AT HOME (A NICE WAY TO SAY PACKING & CHORES) – top, sweetpea maternity | leggings, target | flips, teva from nordstrom | sunnies, marc jacobs from tj maxx

There is nothing like a boost to your pregnancy confidence than when new maternity clothes arrives in the mail :) This tunic from SweetPea Maternity is seriously such a gem. I adore the length and see it having a long life in my closet – it will definitely transition from maternity to post-baby with ease. Perfection!

I’ve got my eye on a few other trendy maternity clothes from SweetPea  —> this summer tank, this maxi skirt, and this top! Looks like I’m well on my way to free shipping :)

P.S. Customer service at SweetPea is A-MAZE-ING! 10 thumbs up for the crew over there. Super nice and speedy shipping!

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  1. says

    Love the tunic and love that baby tum!

  2. jessicarogers says

    i miss having my bump. anything form fitting was totally appropriate, but post baby those things get put away for a little bit. i had a c-section so wearing my real pants is outta the question, although i can totally fit into them again. maybe when i get to the 8 week mark. you look super cute. <3jessica

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It took a good 9-12 months after my daughter was born for me to totally fit back into things/feel comfortable with snug tops. It takes 9 months to grow a baby so I figure it is best to give myself a good 9 months to allow it to morph back :)