Mini Style File | A Princess, Her Dragon + Their Hobo Friend

2013 marked the first year our little family went trick or treating. Jemma + Max’s little buddy (and his mama) came along and we had a grand time. The kids totally got the hang of ringing the bell, saying “trick or treat” and politely snagging a piece or two of candy.  We heard lots of “thank yous” too which did my mama heart proud. The munchkins were all tired ’round about 7pm so we wheeled our way home and passed out candy to the older kids who were still making the rounds. Jemma woke up this morning and asked if we could trick or treat again … so, yep, fun was had!
Also, a big ol’ thank you to the houses who gave out healthier snacks like fruit snacks and pretzel packs. Well, healthy in the world of Halloween :)

Jemma actually got to showcase two costumes this year. Preschool announced that kids could dress up as animals from Noah’s Ark for class … so, off went my little lion!
Back to our trick or treating … the best news of all was that we met one of our new neighbors. She’s a SAHM and wants to have a play date! Thank you Halloween for helping us break the ice!
Now, back to my Hershey’s Special Dark and Almond Joy – tax, people, tax.

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    Halloween broke our ice too! Met a bunch of new neighbors. But Penny was quite upset to be giving up her candy…