Self Portrait

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!
Thinking about … Turning our office into a play room for Jemma
Anticipating… Eating Olive Garden’s pasta fagoili soup soon!
Working on… Getting rest, finding food that sounds appetizing, stripping Jem’s cloth diapers, organizing a to-do list so I can be productive when I start feeling better
Listening to… A Pandora station based on Biblio’s Lover’s Carving
Eating… Trader Joe’s corn and bean enchilada
Wishing… The dishes fairy would visit my house :)
… Oh so many ways to follow along …
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  1. Rebecca says

    sounds very much like the things that are on my mind! Especially now that you have mentioned Olive Garden… mmmm!!!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    We use Rockin' Green – I used Country Save before, but didn't feel like it quite got things clean. Rockin' Green has been AMAZING! I used their Funk Rock for my recent strip. We have an HE machine too which makes things a little more difficult, but we've made it work. Definitely keep/get a top loader if you can it helps push more water through the diapers and therefore gets them cleaner.